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TSI obtains notification for new mobile device biometrics patent

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Transaction Security Inc. claims to have received notification for a U.S. patent for trusted access to mobile devices with secure data protection, secure transactions and PKI communications using biometrics with local templates.

TSI Founder and patent co-author, Rod Beatson, says the patent will significantly improve the security of data stored on devices, protect user privacy and provide greater user convenience, through eliminating the need to enter and remember complex passwords.

“It’s all about using a biometric sensor on a device so that biometric samples can be matched against a local template to protect access to the device and its data in the event of loss or theft, to enable highly secure PKI-based communications and to encrypt device data – all without the need to enter complex passwords,” Beatson stated.

In addition, he commented: “Since the biometric data are stored in secure encrypted form only on the device, it significantly enhances user privacy, putting the responsibility for template security firmly in the hands of the device owner”.

Beatson explained further that: “We believe that our improved methodology can be used to provide a trusted relationship between user, device and server whether local, remote or cloud-based. In addition, it provides the opportunity to release user credentials, like an authentic electronic signature with an ink-on-paper look, directly from a device to relying parties. The patented method achieves all this, while, at the same time relieving the user of the need to enter and remember complex passwords.”

The patent is part of TSI’s Crypto-Sign® Intellectual Property portfolio that enables enterprises to build low-cost, user-friendly, highly secure protection for mobile devices, their data and associated transactions, with the aid of biometrics and cryptographic techniques.

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