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VerifyMe launches developer portal

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VerifyMe, Inc. has initiated the release of version 2.0 of its authentication solution by launching the VerifyMe Developer Portal for easy and direct access to VerifyMe’s application programming interfaces (API’s).

VerifyMe’s version 2.0 platform offers fast and strong authentication of several attributes including geo-location, biometrics, knowledge factors and possession factors while VerifyMe’s API’s gives enterprise application developers the resources and support needed to integrate VerifyMe’s multi-factor authentication product.

“The core strength of any platform lies in the abilities of developers to learn, try, and build against the platform API’s and capabilities,” said Paul Donfried, VerifyMe Chief Executive Officer. “Our new Developer Portal makes it simple and easy to leverage our REST API’s and have the power of flexible biometric enabled multi-factor authentication directly integrated into your own app or website. After integrating NIST Level 4 Identity Assurance, typically in a few hours, developers can then focus on delivering new services and content, based on the highest level of safety, security and privacy protection.”

VerifyMe’s platform is based on a scalable, patented risk scoring engine, and allows the incorporation of any type of authentication mechanism, including customer specified and/or proprietary mechanisms. The high level API’s completely insulate the Relying Party from both the complexity and financial risk of having to select specific technologies.

“The VerifyMe API’s make it easy for engineers to integrate VerifyMe with web and mobile applications. The new portal is a welcome addition for central access to API’s, documentation, samples and many more resources,” stated VerifyMe Chief Technology Officer Sandy Fliderman. “I’m excited for the launch of our Developer Portal with all our API documentation and automated reporting. We have been working hard to make the API’s as easy to integrate as possible and with the addition of the Developer Portal any developer can go online and begin the process of adding strong multi-factor authentication to their own app or website”.

VerifyMe recently received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for patent application U.S. 13/910,482 titled “‘Home’ Button With Integrated User Biometric Sensing and Verification System for a Mobile Device”.

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