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Vision-Box ABC eGates unveiled at Curaçao International Airport

Vision-Box ABC eGates unveiled at Curaçao International Airport

Curaçao International Airport has unveiled an integrated Automated Border Control (ABC) solution by Vision-Box to expedite border control processes at both arrivals and departures.

Curaçao International Airport Holding collaborated with Vision-Box to launch a customized integrated border control solution based on self-service eGates, combining attractive and ergonomic common-use hardware and intuitive graphical interfaces for a unique passenger experience. Whether arriving or departing, locals and tourists, who are staying up to three months, over 18 years of age, and holding a European, Canadian or American ePassport are now able to use the eGates and control their own clearance process, authenticating their passport and claiming their identity through facial biometric verification.

According to a statement by the company, the eGates offer a straightforward process for passengers: on approaching the eGate and selecting their flight, passengers validate their passports using an innovative document reader with 100% reading success rate. After that, they simply look at a camera and a biometric photo of their facial features is automatically taken, verifying the photo against the information stored in their passports’ chip. This takes just a few seconds and no further process or direct interaction with Border Officers is needed.

A common-use-based orchestration platform connecting all passenger touchpoints provides border guards with a real-time view of the passengers’ individual clearance processes, as well as centralized control and optimization of the whole security infrastructure. This guarantees a reliable identification of travelers and of persons of interest, process exception handling and the overall monitoring metrics of traveler flows, through potent, scalable data analytics capabilities.

The software suite is interfaced to the new electronic Embarkation / Disembarkation system and also natively integrates with the AODB flight list supplied by the Curaçao Airport Partners and with the Border Management System of the Curaçao Police Force for improved real-time passenger background checks including API (Advance Passenger Information) on arrival. The system combines smart management dashboards of relevant data inputs and outputs for all stakeholders (border control authorities, government, airport and airlines), always complying with the privacy by design principle for secure, segmented information transactions.

“Curaçao International Airport is now endowed with a future-proof technological framework that guarantees improved security and the expedited flow of low risk passengers, thus establishing the sustainable foundations of the island’s planned growth,” said Jean-François Lennon, vice president for global business development and sales. ” The intricate, intelligent security infrastructure won’t scratch passenger experience – on the contrary! This will be experienced by the modern traveler as a positive leap, right into the future. Either on holiday or on business visit, the passenger will feel empowered, excited and fulfilled to experiment this hassle-free way of crossing the border. In fact, he is at the very heart of it.”

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