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American Green selects M2SYS finger vein reader for biometric authentication

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American Green, a technology company in the medical cannabis industry, has selected the M2SYS finger vien reader to integrate with the American Green Machine (AGM), a custom vending solution for dispensaries.

M2SYS will provide its M2-FingerVein finger vein reader for the AGM. The finger vein reader works by passing near-infrared light through the finger which is partially absorbed by the hemoglobin in the veins allowing an image to be recorded on a CCD camera. The M2SYS solution is designed to scale and can support multi-regional verification.

“It’s one thing to create a platform that’s exciting with a lot of ‘wow’ factor… and we have done that,” says David Gwyther, chairman and acting president of American Green. “It’s quite another thing to provide comfort to people, organizations, and regulators where they can be assured, to the maximum extent possible today, that the appropriate person is making a ‘regulated purchase.’ We feel that M2SYS is the ‘best in class’ for integration into our American Green Machine.”

“We are pleased to work with American Green. They are clearly on the forefront of a rapidly emerging application of biometrics, auto-retail or ‘smart vending,’ commented Michael Trader, President of M2SYS. “Their ideas relating to safe and secure purchase through machine vending represent a new era in commerce and we are glad to support them in their initiatives. Their appreciation and focus on correct matching for the safety and security of people using the AGM is one of the reasons M2SYS has worked so hard to produce the products we have — so we can securely support new and existing business initiatives as well as government and large-scale corporate applications.”

The American Green Machines are scheduled to begin shipping by the end of the year.

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