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IrisGuard introduces iris camera designed for outdoor enrollment and recognition


IrisGuard has released EyeHood, its portable iris camera that is ideally suited for outdoor enrollments and recognitions. EyeHood is the latest addition to the IrisGuard EyePay platform camera portfolio.

The camera fully shields the user from direct sunlight and other external lighting conditions both at mobile or stationary enrollment and verification stations, providing excellent iris quality images and matching results, essential in payment and identity systems.

According to a company statement, the EyeHood was developed to meet difficult outdoor registration challenges such as humanitarian itinerant enrollment stations in harsh and severe operational settings where speed, accuracy and perfect image quality are essential to providing a unique identity record, particularly for demanding financial payment applications for communities such as refugees and internally displaced persons.

“We specifically designed and engineered the EyeHood imager for crucial outdoor registration and recognition in-order to provide maximum accuracy, speed and operational efficiencies for our customers, with no requirement for a card, pin, password, phone or any other token that can be lost, forged or stolen,” commented Imad Malhas, CEO & Founder of IrisGuard Inc.

The device hosts a newly engineered proprietary auto-focus lens together with a patented fast focus adjustment software capability to ensure rapid iris recognition in order to capture a user’s in-focused iris image at extremely fast speeds, essential to streamlining the capture process and to ensure that only flawless iris images are captured. The automatic “fine focus” feature with its mega-pixel sensor ensures quality suitable for amassing databases of millions of people in rapid time without sacrificing iris image quality.

The EyeHood is powered by a USB port and is totally integrated into the EyeBank, EyeCloud, EyePay and EyeCash iris payment solutions from IrisGuard. The portable, lightweight device can quickly enroll and recognize eligible beneficiaries in real-time outdoor situations in less than three seconds, regardless of database size. Furthermore, the EyePay platform generates completely encrypted independent iris templates, protecting users from identity thief and ensuring privacy.

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