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Samsung says enterprises need to be more proactive about using biometrics

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A recent Samsung blog post discussed how enterprises can no longer depend entirely on passwords as an authentication method for their employees’ corporate or personal devices.

The blog post emphasizes the “growing problem” of password management, citing the statistic that the average person only uses a few passwords across their 27 online accounts.

The same research also found that as many as 37 percent of people say they forget a password at least once a week, and even more disconcerting, that some of the most popular passwords in 2016 were “123456” and “password”.

There are also expectations in the workplace that employees manage several IDs and passwords for accounts that provide access to confidential corporate or customer data.

As a result of poor password practices and a growing frequency of identity theft, IT departments have been forced to implement stricter password rules which have led to more password management issues for employees.

For this reason, biometric authentication is helping to improve mobile security as it enables enterprises to protect corporate and customer data against current and emerging threats.

However, despite the technology being widely available, enterprises will need to adopt a more proactive approach over the next several years to ensure that they are using biometric authentication in their security architecture.

For instance, password management in business does not have the same level of standardization across industries, despite the growing number of hacking, malware and ransomware attacks across corporations and government agencies.

The blog report states that organizations either have unofficial password management standards, or no standards in place, which can make passwords more susceptible to human error.

A study by SANS Institute found that some users store their passwords in a paper notebook, an unencrypted file or their web browser.

Although many enterprises dependent on software-as-a-service applications enable users to establish two-factor authentication, it doesn’t mean every organization is making it a mandatory practice for employees, Samsung says.

Last month, Samsung was awarded the GSMA Global Mobile Award for its Mobile Security Management Suite at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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