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SmartMetric biometric cards now feature live finger detection

SmartMetric biometric cards now feature live finger detection

SmartMetric has introduced additional sensing functions to validate the liveness of the finger being used on the fingerprint sensor in its biometric cards.

According to the announcement, SmartMetric biometric cards are now able to detect whether or not the person attempting to use the card is in fact a live person or not. “This is an important feature that foils attempts to use a recreated fake finger in order to get around the strong biometric security embedded inside our cards.” explains SmartMetric’s president and CEO, Chaya Hendrick.

SmartMetric has developed biometric cards for banking, secure cyber and building access along with other biometrics-secured cards for portable medical file storage for frequent travelers offered through health insurers.

SmartMetric holds five issued patents pertaining to its biometric credit/debit card. It is currently being offered to banks in the United States, Latin America and is soon to be released to banks in Europe.

In August SmartMetric reported that it had achieved a breakthrough in the battery technology powering its biometric credit and debit cards and also successfully completed the production of its new advanced designed electronic circuit board that allows the company to use the same electronic board to make up to five different kinds of biometric cards.

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