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Laxton set to launch new multi-modal tablet as biometrics companies gear up for Trustech, ISC East, Milipol

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Laxton set to launch new multi-modal tablet as biometrics companies gear up for Trustech, ISC East, Milipol

The security and biometrics communities’ late-year event season is in full swing, with companies reporting new product launches, demonstrations, and integrations of facial recognition and fingerprint technology.

Aratek, Laxton, Suprema, Intelling and Idex at Trustech

Aratek will introduce its TruFace line of biometric facial recognition terminals to Europe at the Trustech 2019 trade fair in Cannes, which the company says provides fast, accurate, and convenient identification and authentication for a range of use cases.

The TruFace line made its world debut at SDW Asia 2019 in October.

“TruFace’s innovative face detection system comes in the long line of revolutionary biometric technology from Aratek, and is designed to be the right solution for many current and emergent identification and authentication applications,” Aratek VP for Sales, International Business Department Samuel Wu states.

Aratek will also demonstrate its solutions for payments, its all-in-one Marshall device, the Aratek BD9300 biometric desktop, and its FBI and STQC-certified fingerprint modules such as the A600-M and the A400-M.

Laxton is set to launch the Chameleon 8 Slap+ integrated multi-modal biometric tablet at Trustech. The Chameleon 8 Slap+ features the Jenetric Livetouch Quattro Compact fingerprint scanner.

“The most compact and the lowest weight FAP60 scanner on the market is FBI Appendix F certified for both ID Flats and tenprint fingerprint acquisitions,” says Nick Perkins, President of EMEA for Laxton. “The Chameleon 8 Slap+ is true to the fundamentals of the Chameleon brand, being highly configurable and without question the most adaptable integrated device in the world. As with the other devices in the Chameleon 8 range, the Slap+ will also be released with three, off the shelf configurations. A necessary and exciting addition to the Chameleon 8 range was the inclusion of a FAP60 option.”

The company is showing its full Chameleon line at Trustech, including those compatible with the European EES (Entry Exit System). The Chameleon 8 Slap and Slap+ are specifically designed to meet the needs of mobile border control and verification, according to the announcement.

Suprema is showcasing a wide range of partner products integrating its slim FAP20 and FAP30 fingerprint authentication scanners at the event.

Partner solutions on display at Suprema’s booth will include a sleek Android tablet or POS terminal, Rugged biometric capture terminal running Windows 10, and a programmable fingerprint keyboard. All benefit from Suprema’s sensors’ slim form factor, Multi Dynamic Range (MDR) technology, and IP65-rated dust and water resistance, according to the announcement, along with the company’s patented Live Finger Detection (LFD) machine learning capability.

“It is our great pleasure to display our partner’s solutions for mutual benefit that will enable our potential customers to experience the state-of-art biometrics performance that is uncompromising in security and convenience as market demand is getting intricate,” said Bogun Park, CEO at Suprema ID. “The Suprema ID has completed the full lineup of Fingerprint Authentication with BioMini Slim 2/BioMini Slim 3 that are fully compliant with the industry’s requirements, planning to add more versatile solutions for further customer satisfaction.”

Secure transactions industry blog and analyst Intelling has published a new white paper on the evolution of the relationship between government identity and private identity, and Intelling Principal Thierry Spanjaard with chair a Trustech sessions titled “Banking IDs and Financial Authentication” on Thursday, November 28.

The white paper is titled “Private ID infrastructures challenge government-issued IDs,” and is available free of charge through Intelling’s website. It explores changes in government-issued identity documents over the years, as well as how private IDs and digital IDs answer a business need and how they relate with governments. Spanjaard will also deliver a talk on the same topic at Trustech.

Idex Biometrics, meanwhile, will demonstrate its biometric fingerprint technologies for dual-interface biometric card payments along with its partners at Trustech. SVP for Sales & Marketing David Orme will also deliver a presentation on Day 1 of the event, titled “Biometric Payment Cards: The Game Changer for Financial Inclusion.”

Trustech 2019 will be held November 26 to 28.

Panasonic and Boon Edam at ISC East

ISC East 2019, on now in New York City, includes biometric technology demonstrations from Panasonic and Boon Edam.

Panasonic Security Systems, which is a business unit of the recently formed Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co., is sharing the company’s FacePRO facial recognition software, along with i-PRO Extreme IP Cameras, which come in a range of models with up to 4K/9MP resolution. Video Insight 7.5, a VMS solution integrating the MonitorCast Access Control platform, a portfolio of Intelligent Analytics products, and remote demo sites will also be on display.

“There are many new and exciting developments at Panasonic that we will be unveiling over the next several months – the most significant being our enhanced solutions portfolio,” says Security Division., Ltd Vice President Bill Brennan. “Where Panasonic was once almost exclusively recognized for our superior imaging products, our enhanced portfolio of AI-driven software and analytics enables us to provide advanced integrated solutions that move beyond detection to preventive analysis and business intelligence. This is the new Panasonic i-PRO.”

Boon Edam is showcasing its Lifeline Speedlane Swing, which it says is the industry’s slimmest optical turnstile, and uses MorphoWave touchless fingerprint technology from Idemia to enable high throughput with enhanced security. Five of the lanes will also be displayed at the show’s main entrance. The company will also display its Tourlock 180 security revolving door and Circlelock mantrap portals, which provide multi-factor authentication and prevent tailgating and piggybacking.

ISC East brings together 7,000 security and public safety professionals and more than 300 security brands, and runs November 20 and 21.

Idemia at Milipol Paris

Idemia is showcasing its biometric technologies for security at large events, borders, and in communities at the Milipol Paris event.

Products on display at Idemia’s booth include the Idemia Traveler Analytics Suite, Video and Intelligence Analytics, Mobile Biometric Check, and mobile ABIS system MBIS.

“Biometric technologies are a key contributor to resolving today’s security challenges and improving the way we want to live in our cities safely. It indeed provides the ideal match between the high accuracy needed by public authorities and the level of convenience required by citizens living in a digital world. Through highly secure, non-intrusive solutions, we are helping authorities around the world create safer places to live,” says Philippe Barreau, executive vice president for Public Security & Identity activities at Idemia.

Milipol Paris is being held November 19 to 22.

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