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Biometric facial recognition payments and matching, security and identity verification tools at NRF 2020

Biometric facial recognition payments and matching, security and identity verification tools at NRF 2020

NRF 2020 Retail’s Big Show is the world’s largest retail conference and expo currently taking place in New York City. A great number of innovative solutions are showcased as well as insightful case studies that can disrupt retail with innovation.

Computer vision-enabled security and identity verification solutions

FaceFirst is introducing at NRF 2020 Retail’s Big Show in New York City a software development kit (SDK) that helps developers add biometric facial recognition and video analytics to security and identity verification products, the company announced.

The solution can be used both online and offline, it supports Linux and runs in a docker container which makes it easy to embed in any IoT device. Cameras, kiosks and IoT hardware can now be equipped to deliver frictionless identity verification and insights that improve customer journey and reduce fraud. This includes customization by adding ID/transaction verification and password replacement, among others.

Companies such as retailers, hospitals, law enforcement and transportation centers already leverage FaceTrust facial recognition and video analytics for real time threats and to improve customer engagement.

“FaceFirst’s SDK transforms the ease with which developers build complete face recognition and video analytics solutions,” said Peter Trepp, CEO at FaceFirst. “The SDK falls right in line with our strategic goal of making FaceFirst the industry standard platform for organizations building safe communities, great customer experiences, and personalized services.”

Biometric facial recognition payments

Worldline is also present at NRF 2020 to showcase its facial recognition payment solution developed in partnership with OneVisage. The pay-with-your-face solution deploys 3D facial biometrics and gives users data control and privacy.

Unified architecture for points of sale and interactive retail solutions

Elo is introducing an updated unified architecture for points of sale and interactive retail solutions. The company has made additions to its lineup of point-of-sale, self-service, BOPIS and in-store fulfillment solutions, including the new Windows-based EloPOS Pack compute platform and two additional display options for EloPOS systems, giving Windows/Intel customers more flexibility.

Elo’s platform helps enterprise retail with customer engagement, store operations and in-store fulfillment related to store ops, order fulfillment, IT architecture, marketing and brand experiences. Elo’s unified architecture is flexible and can be integrated with point-of-sale terminals, sleek self-order and check-out kiosks and customer order picking and packing touchscreens.

“Elo makes it easy for retailers to innovate with its modular, enterprise-ready platform and unified architecture for all in-store digital experiences,” said Craig Witsoe, CEO, Elo. “With Elo, the only limit to implementing in-store applications is your imagination, from a single unified commerce that supports in-store sales and merchandising to Buy Online Pickup in Store and now Buy Online Fulfill in Store. Our flexible, unified architecture allows marketing, store ops and brand representatives to deploy next-generation store experiences as innovative and evolutionary as they are.”

New products in its portfolio include EloPOS Pack for versatile connectivity options, EloPOS System Form Factors for customer-facing displays, payment readers, printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners and scales, Elo Edge Connect 3D Camera for a number of applications from customer loyalty and payment to gesture recognition and augmented realty, and Artificial Intelligence for Retail to better engage consumers and improve loss-prevention.

Elo will introduce shopper experience demos from Boot Barn, Kate Spade and more.

Facial matching with deep learning analytics

exacqVision will be presenting its facial matching solution which leverages deep learning analytics to alert about known suspicious visitors on premises such as shoplifters or other persons of interest at sports games, for example.

Some of its features include matching faces with saved profiles, registering faces based on either manual tagging or events, scanning them and sending notification if matched, including date, time and images of person, and POS integration with keyword triggers and transaction details. The solution can identity faces even though the person might have glasses, a hat or facial hair. It will collect facial views triggered by Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) pedestals or Point of Sale (POS) keywords.

The tool can successfully be used in retail, education, healthcare and commercial business markets.

Seamless and friction-free inventory management

Adroit Worldwide Media (AWM) has partnered with OptiCrib, a Shamrock company. OptiCrib will leverage its partner’s Aii (automated inventory intelligence) and AWM frictionless technologies to improve storeroom management by delivering seamless and friction-free inventory management. The two are presenting their solution at NRF 2020.

Customers can go through the normal shopping process and check out by walking out of the store. For the B2B market, OptiCrib storeroom management high-definition optical sensors combined with precise weight-sensing technology to automate intelligence into on-the-shelf inventory levels in manufacturing/processing plants, utilities/power generation, hospitals/healthcare, public safety/police, government, aerospace, entertainment, construction and oil/gas, among others.

“Transformation of B2B operational processes are too often overstated, however the synergies of AWM Smart Shelf’s and OptiCrib’s partnership truly promise to revolutionize storeroom management,” explained Michael O’Connor, President/CEO, The Shamrock Companies. “OptiCrib facilitates the end user MR [material requisition] experience, provides enhanced business intelligence, and delivers operational and cost efficiencies simply unachievable through conventional storeroom management, VMI, and product vending applications.”

Cash payment automation kiosks

Hardware platforms with software applications and technologies are presented at the event by Kiosk Information Systems and its parent company Posiflex, including self-service ordering for quick service restaurant (QSR) ordering automation. The platform automates ticketing, food and beverage order, with cash and coin payment capabilities.

“We are excited to provide a highly reliable and innovative platform that has cash payment automation options in addition to ordering capabilities for the food service vertical, which plays an integral role in the retail environment,” said Kim Kenney, KIOSK’s President. “Our team has a long history with cash, card, and NFC automation in retail bill payment, and we’ve seen first-hand the efficiency and profitability benefits for retailers who add cash payment options to universally serve their customer base.”

The company will present two in-store bill payment models for high-volume transaction automation. This includes its proprietary, licensable bill payment application for telecommunication and cable retailers, among others. Kiosk will demonstrate digital signage models ranging from countertop to slim freestanding form factors with facial detection technology integrated with AI, and a loyalty platform to show how kiosk technology can be used for customer retention programs.

“KIOSK’s ability to offer active remote monitoring and professional managed services enables us to provide customers the best uptime and SLAs available in the industry,” said Kenney. “Our team is focused on the customer experience and prides itself on executing wholistic, turnkey solutions including hardware, software, field and managed services. We are delighted to showcase our best Group-level customer and partner solutions from the U.S., Europe, and Taiwan.”

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