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Biometric passwordless authentication devices for Microsoft Azure AD announced at RSA

Biometric passwordless authentication devices for Microsoft Azure AD announced at RSA

Two innovative biometric USB security key solutions to support Microsoft Azure Active Directory will be demonstrated at this year’s RSA Conference. While Feitian Technologies will showcase its latest FIDO2-certified biometric fingerprint passwordless authentication, eWBM will demonstrate its latest biometric Goldengate security key, both for Azure AD.

Feitian has introduced biometric fingerprint passwordless authentication capabilities for Hybrid Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to phase out passwords, the company announced.

“As Microsoft continues to improve their advanced applications to allow for Passwordless authentications using FIDO2 security key in hybrid environments and SSO to on-prem, as well as cloud resources for Hybrid Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Feitian continues to add to their FIDO U2F products by providing innovative, secure, and value-priced solutions for Microsoft and all FIDO2 Passwordless applications,” said Feitian Technologies VP and general manager of International Business Tibi Zhang.

The FIDO2-certified BioPass and AllInPass security keys from Feitian can be used by enterprise, government, healthcare, educational, and individual user applications, and will be available at a discounted price at the RSA Conference.

Users can carry their credentials and sign into Hybrid Azure AD (and other Microsoft services) without a username and password. The keys can also be plugged into a computer through USB ports, with NFC on their mobile device (or NFC Reader) or with BLE to gain account or SSO access to verify a previously enrolled fingerprint.

The BioPass K26 uses USB-C, the BioPass K27 uses USB-A, and the newly released K33 AllinPass uses BLE, NFC, or a cabled USB-C connection. The biometric security keys can also deliver PIV, OTP and GIDS with options for multiple interfaces, price points and fingerprint biometrics. Security options can be added, including three factor authentication (3FA) with the key (possessed factor), fingerprint biometric (inherent factor) and PIN (known factor). The company also develops passwordless solutions for non-biometric security keys and the fingerprint biometric smartcard format.

“Passwords alone are no longer an effective security mechanism,” said Sue Bohn, Partner Director of Program Management, Microsoft Identity Division. “It’s clear we need to provide our customers with authentication options that are secure and easy to use. This is where companies like Feitian come in. By integrating their solutions with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Account (Outlook, Hotmail), and Windows 10, Feitian is important member of our passwordless journey.”

Feitian claims its security keys help reduce IT management costs, improve productivity and security, and ensure privacy for both employees and employers.

At the RSA Conference 2020, Feitian will also introduce its xPass product line which leverages multi-factor authentication protocols (including FIDO U2F, FIDO2, OTP, PKI) for secure user access and SSO authentication.

Korean SoC company eWBM will also be revealing its latest biometric Goldengate security key at this year’s RSA Conference, one of the first USB-C Biometric FIDO2/U2F keys to support Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), the company said.

Goldengate Series security key ensures secure biometric login through FIDO2 Level 2 and eWBM’s MS500 microprocessor with security capabilities and a fingerprint recognition algorithm. After registration, the user can plug the key in a USB port and then use the fingerprint sensor to access the account. G320 ensures fast login and blocks phishing and account takeover, according to the announcement.

Last year, eWBM joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and added new biometric security tokens to the FIDO2 L2 Goldengate Series Line. The Goldengate series fingerprint authentication device received FIDO2 Level 2 (L2) Authenticator Security Certification from the FIDO Alliance in April.

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