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Industry touts biometrics and digital identity to support remote services and pandemic recovery

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Industry touts biometrics and digital identity to support remote services and pandemic recovery

Biometrics companies are variously offering advice on remote working and services and safe fingerprinting, as well as facial recognition discounts and updates of their business status as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

BioCatch offers tips for distributed fraud teams

BioCatch has detected a surge in individuals logging into online banking services with remote access tools, among shifting behaviors. The company offers up three tips for distributed fraud teams and reviews the top attack vectors to monitor in a blog post for security teams working remotely during the pandemic.

Fraud and security teams must stay in constant communication, document new threats and situations, and how they are dealt with, and acknowledge the need to make rapid adjustments, BioCatch suggests. Phishing and malware are the most common attack methods since the outbreak began.

BioConnect offers steep discounts for facial recognition access control

BioConnect has launched a new initiative to help organizations switch to touchless biometric physical access management as employees return to work with free and heavily discounted facial recognition solutions.

The new BioConnect Cares program includes support for at-home employee enrollment, do-it-yourself installation, and multi-factor access with BioConnect Link.

“BioConnect Cares is designed to help enterprises keep their facilities safe and secure with touchless options based on facial recognition solutions at no-cost or significantly reduced cost over the next quarter,” states BioConnect CEO and Founder Rob Douglas.

Integrated Biometrics cautions against panic reaction of halting fingerprint use

Integrated Biometrics argues against abandoning fingerprint systems in a panic, saying in a bulletin that following hand-washing guidelines from reputable bodies like the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, making hand sanitizer available near scanners, and following cleaning guidelines enables organizations to carry on with business in which identity is important.

The company has provided specific cleaning instructions for its full line of fingerprint scanners.

SecureKey examines identity challenge of economic stimulus

The emergency benefits and stimulus packages governments are planning to provide surpass any such previous effort, posing a huge challenge for identity systems, SecureKey points out in a blog post by CEO Greg Wolfond.

The Canadian company notes that the government of that country anticipates more than four million people will apply for its financial relief, but the government’s physical service centers have been closed. A wage subsidy for small and medium sized businesses will also cause an influx of engagement through call centers and online services.

SecureKey notes that its Verified.me provides identity services supported by Canada’s major financial institutions.

TrueID urges biometrics use for effective quarantine implementation

Fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition can be widely used for efficient lockdown enforcement, Indian biometric provider TrueID argues. The company recommends the use of technologies such as live facial recognition with geo-fencing to monitor people in quarantine, and says it could also be used in scenarios where key personnel need special permissions to leave home for work during lockdowns.

Invixium says coronavirus increases rise in demand for touchless biometrics

Demand for touchless biometric systems had already significantly increased before the outbreak, according to Invixium. Now, the new reality of physical distancing makes a new business case for the deployment of facial recognition, the company says.

“The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic will forever change the landscape of the biometric industry moving forward,” says Invixium CEO and President Shiraz Kapadia. “Mandates have been issued by governments, enterprises, business owners to cease the use of fingerprint, palm print and hand-key readers, as well as any access control readers or workforce management devices due to amplified concerns related to physical contact with these types of devices. Invixium is ready and well equipped to provide consulting to security architects and project administrators on the adoption or migration to touchless biometrics via our TITAN offering.”

FacePhi biometrics deployed to Korean hospital

FacePhi is carrying on with its facial recognition projects, and its technology has been deployed to Kangbuk Samsung Hospital in Seoul, while no other projects have been stopped or canceled, the company has announced. The Seoul deployment is in collaboration with local partner Nssmart.

Korea’s government strengthened security processes around patient identity verification last year to prevent health insurance fraud, the company says.

CEO Javier Mira says the pandemic “will not substantially affect” FacePhi.

Sterling still completing most background checks

Biometric background screenings by Sterling are continuing in more than 95 percent of the U.S., as the country prepares to return to work, the company says.

Sterling reports it is experiencing a surge in demand for its services in certain industries, as healthcare companies attempt to add more staff, online retailers seek more distribution workers, the gig economy attempts to onboard contractors, and staffing firms respond to shifting workforces.

The company suggests that some competitors are currently unable to complete up to 30 percent of background checks due to widespread court closures. Sterling launched Sterling identity to provide biometric solutions last year.

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