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Fingerprint and ID doc scanner launched by Elyctis, Next Biometrics to supply sensors for Russian readers



Elyctis has launched a new hardware product for verifying fingerprint biometrics while scanning identity documents like passports.

The new ID BOX One 152 can be operated by a professional or in a self-service process, scanning documents’ machine-readable zones (MRZ) and reading RFID chips, and authenticating the user with biometrics. The device also includes a SAM (Security Access Module) slot for storing EAC (Extended Access Control) certificates to comply with ICAO ePassport standards.

ID documents processes are following bank cards towards a model of use where the credential does not leave sight of its holder, and is not handled by anyone else, according to Elyctis. The ID BOX One 152 can read all ICAO-complaint ePassports and most ID cards or driving licenses.

“Elyctis remains at the forefront of ID document reading and provides always more user-friendly solutions,” states Elyctis CEO Alexandre Joly. “With the ID BOX One 152, citizens are ensured their ID document remains in their sight during the whole transaction. This way the general public is as comfortable when their ID is checked as when they are making a payment transaction with their banking card.”

Like other products in the ID BOX One series, the Desktop version of the new device can sit on a desktop for applications in which full page scanning is not needed, while the Handheld version provides an alternative to integrated Windows and Android terminals, and the Attach series can be mounted to the body of a kiosk or other larger hardware. Elyctis readers can also be delivered in a form factor for integration by OEMs.

Next receives order from Russian customer

Next Biometrics has received a purchase order for more than 5,000 FAP 20 sensors from LLC NF Technology for a citizen ID card project in Russia, according to a company announcement.

“Having tried and tested different fingerprint sensors in the market, we have selected NEXT Biometrics PIV certified FAP 20 fingerprint sensor for this Citizen ID project in Russia. We are impressed by the performance of the NEXT Biometrics fingerprint sensor and the professional support provided by the team at NEXT,” says Nazarov Aleksey, Director of LLC NF Technology.

LLC NF Technology plans to develop and deploy more than 5,000 ID Card Reader units for its main market in Russia.

“We are glad to have received this order from LLC NF Technology and their trust in our company as well as our FAP 20 sensor. The sensors are now in production and will be delivered in June. We are excited to see the results from the launch of LLC NF Technology’s ID Card Reader with NEXT’s sensor in Russia”, comments Hakan Persson, SVP Sales & Strategy of Next Biometrics.

The One Touch 2000 FAP 20 sensor from Next was recently certified by the FBI for compliance with the agency’s Next Generation identification (NGI) Image Quality Specifications (IQS) for personal identity verification (PIV).

“We are pleased that our FAP sensor has been well recognized by our customers and partners since its initial launch early 2020, the latest collaboration with LLC NF Technology in Russia will further strength the position of NEXT in yet another biometric market.” states Peter Heuman, NEXT Biometrics CEO.”

Next announced a deal to supply fingerprint scanners for a government project in India last week.

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