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CyberLink, ISS and Thales integrations provide face biometrics for physical access control systems

CyberLink, ISS and Thales integrations provide face biometrics for physical access control systems

CyberLink has formed a strategic alliance to provide its FaceMe biometric facial recognition engine to surveillance solution provider Lilin for contactless physical access control.

By licensing FaceMe to power its NAV Facial Recognition Recorder, Lilin is able to offer an all-in-one smart security, data analysis and warning solution, according to the company announcement.

Lilin’s connected video devices can provide businesses with a range of contactless solutions through the combined technologies, such as opt-in photo identification systems for restricted areas within offices, factories, or residential buildings. Retailers and hospitality operators with anonymized customer demographics to gain marketing and operational insights.

“If there was ever a field worthy of continued research and innovation, it’s security,” comments CyberLink CEO Dr. Jau Huang. “Without a doubt, LILIN is a global leader and manufacturer of IoT devices, and CyberLink is a worldwide pioneer developing facial recognition applications for connected devices. Together, we are setting a new standard for what makes a place secure by bringing to market new technologies that make our customers safer, and our businesses smarter.”

“LILIN has many years of smart security experience, providing insight into the market’s needs for creating a comprehensive intelligent security solution,” says C.C. Hsu, LILIN’s president. “LILIN is pleased to partner with CyberLink and integrates FaceMe into our facial recognition system to strengthen smart retail, smart healthcare, smart factory, and smart business applications. Through continued efforts, I believe that LILIN will provide the most advanced total security solution for global customers.”

The companies will also host a joint webinar on “Facial Recognition x Smart Security Empowering Smart AIoT Applications” on August 13, 2020 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm (GMT+8/Taipei time).

Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) has received factory certification for open security platform LenelS2, and is now part of the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP).

Customers can use ISS’ SecurOS Video Management System and its feature modules like biometric SecurOS Face Recognition, with the OnGuard Access Control System for intelligent analytics.

The SecurOS ACS user interface receives and displays events and cardholder data from the OnGuard platform, and sends back commands.

“The interface of the LenelS2OnGuard access solution and ISS’ SecurOSVMS provides new and existing customers with a highly effective and cost-efficient pathway to implement an advanced security system solution,” says Shawn Mather, director of sales for U.S., ISS. “It also allows users to easily leverage ISS’ portfolio of intelligent analytics, which have all been natively designed to work across the SecurOS VMS platform.”

Nedap and Thales have formed a partnership to provide physical access control with facial biometrics. The Thales Facial Recognition Platform (FRP) has been integrated with the Nedap’s AEOS physical access security platform to facilitate widespread adoption of touchless access control.

Thales FRP, which is described as an ‘out of the box’ solution, is the first biometric solution to be integrated with Nedap AEOS, according to the announcement. The facial recognition system interfaces with the Nedap access control panel to show face matching results for each authentication request, and with the back-end to sync authorization lists.

“We truly believe biometrics is growing rapidly, and maybe even becomes a new standard for access control,” says Wesley Keegstra, integration manager at Nedap Security Management. “But biometrics is much more than a fingerprint or hand palm scan. Adding facial authentication to Nedap access control systems, offers improved and hygienic experience for users and smooth and secure people flow management for access managers.”

The system can be used on or offline, and is set for data privacy protection and GDPR compliance, the companies say.

“Thales has a strong ability to adapt to new market requirements with speed and efficiency. Going biometric for access control is now easier and faster than ever,” says Thales Digital Identity and Security Facial Recognition Platform Business Owner Philippe Faure. “With Thales facial recognition platform, Nedap is able to provide an innovative solution that can be easily integrated with existing infrastructures, allowing for quicker deployment. The interest in biometrics for secure and contactless authentication is increasing while being reinforced by a new “touch-free” norm set in a COVID context.”

Suprema integrated its BioStar2 solution with Nedap AEOS to enable organizations to use fingerprint biometrics for physical access control a year ago.

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