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CyberLink (stock info) is a world leader in facial recognition and tracking technologies. Based on an advanced AI model, the FaceMe facial recognition engine is one of the world’s best deep learning algorithms for recognizing people. It has an accuracy rate (True Acceptance Rate) of 98.41% under an error rate (False Accept Rate) as low as 10-6. With such a high precision rate, FaceMe is perfect for security applications in relation to person identification and applications in smart homes, smart offices, smart retailers, and smart cities.

CyberLink Biometrics News


Biometrics and AI to help retail recovery being developed, launched and tested around the world

Solutions with facial recognition and other biometrics to restore the fortunes of physical retailers are being developed, funded and trialed…

Aug 20, 2020

Biometrics key for securing company data and keeping workers safe: Fingerprint Cards, CyberLink

The use of biometrics as part of access control and other workplace IT systems to ensure the safety of data…

Aug 19, 2020

Biometrics and body temperature scanning technology for schools rolls out, DHS S&T announces survey

New software, modules and scanners for biometric identification and body temperature checks have been launched by CyberLink, Princeton Identity and…

Aug 7, 2020

Automated retail solutions with biometrics and computer vision from CyberLink and VSBLTY implemented

Biometrics and computer vision capabilities for retail automation have been deployed or launched by CyberLink, Trigo, VSBLTY and Pixevia, as…

Jul 30, 2020

Four new biometric temperature screening solutions roll out, early COVID-19 detection work continues

New face biometrics and body temperature screening software and solutions for preventing the spread of COVID-19 have been launched by…

Jul 30, 2020

CyberLink to provide face biometrics to Bitkey for smart access and security as edge market growth surges

CyberLink will provide its FaceMe biometric facial recognition to Bitkey, a Japanese digital key platform company, under a new partnership to…

Jul 29, 2020

CyberLink, ISS and Thales integrations provide face biometrics for physical access control systems

CyberLink has formed a strategic alliance to provide its FaceMe biometric facial recognition engine to surveillance solution provider Lilin for contactless…

Jul 17, 2020

Biometric wearables, temperature monitoring and digital health credentials for safe return to work, play

The waves of biometric and body temperature screening technologies launched to support returns to relatively normal social interaction at work…

Jun 24, 2020

CyberLink and Sightcorp each upgrade biometric facial recognition with mask detection

CyberLink has enhanced its biometric facial recognition software development kit with mask detection and other social distancing features to help…

May 21, 2020

CyberLink to provide edge facial biometrics to businesses with two new partnerships

CyberLink will integrate its FaceMe Security biometric facial recognition with leading server solutions provider ASA Computers’ technology under a newly-formed partnership,…

Apr 24, 2020

CyberLink facial biometrics power AI personalization in NEC PCs for consumer market

The FaceMe AI facial recognition engine from CyberLink is being integrated with NEC LAVIE Home all-in-one PCs to power new…

Apr 7, 2020

CyberLink’s AI facial recognition engine scores in top 20 in NIST biometric accuracy testing

CyberLink’s AI biometric facial recognition engine has scored a 99.7 percent accuracy rate on the NIST FRVT 1:1 (Facial Recognition…

Mar 26, 2020

Altek edge AI box integrates CyberLink’s biometric facial recognition engine

Altek Huajing Technology has integrated CyberLink’s FaceMe AI facial recognition engine to develop intelligent edge computer vision for AI security…

Mar 10, 2020

Biometrics industry gears up for connect:ID; Iris ID, Jenetric, Cyberlink and Get Group announce demos

Connect:ID 2020 is taking place this week in Washington, D.C., with presentations and demonstrations from many of the biometrics industry’s…

Mar 5, 2020

CyberLink to provide biometric facial recognition engine for AIoT devices

CyberLink has partnered with IEI Integration Corp. to incorporate its AI biometric facial recognition engine with IEI’s industrial computers to…

Jan 17, 2020

Biometric surveillance, access control and workforce management on display at Intersec 2020

Vivotek has partnered with CyberLink to equip its IP surveillance solutions with CyberLink’s FaceMe AI facial recognition engine. The Taiwanese…

Dec 30, 2019

CyberLink talks biometric performance, edge benefits at Intel Edge Computing Solution Summit

CyberLink has recently participated in the Intel Edge Computing Solution Summit which unites IoT industry leaders to share AI edge…

Dec 13, 2019

CyberLink partners with Advantech for drastically improved edge facial biometrics performance

CyberLink founder and CEO Dr. Jau Huang spoke about the enhancements in the biometric performance of the company’s FaceMe technology…

Nov 12, 2019

CyberLink announces facial recognition revenues and AI subject ID competition results

CyberLink has announced its results, both in terms of revenues from its biometric facial recognition and other artificial intelligence products,…

Nov 5, 2019

Yubico launches biometric key and Identiverse calls for speakers amid flurry of ID conference news

Identiverse has issued a call for presentations for its June 2020 event, seeking educational talks on a range of digital…

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