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IDVerse, CyberLink, trinamiX integrate selfie biometrics for diverse applications

South African varsity introduces biometric student registration
IDVerse, CyberLink, trinamiX integrate selfie biometrics for diverse applications

Face biometrics are being integrated and deployed for an ever-wider array of applications. IDVerse technology is powering compliance checks for online gambling, CyberLink and UnionCommunity are working together to serve financial institutions, and trinamiX is bringing a new integration to MWC 2024. The most novel of the selfie biometrics integrations may be for student registration, which is being adopted in South Africa.

Student registration in Johannesburg

As part of efforts to combat fraud and secure the system, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in South Africa has announced it will introduce facial recognition for student registration.

In a publication on its website, the university says the move, which is the first by a South African tertiary academic institution, underlines its commitment to deploying state-of-the-art technology for admitting students.

Until the introduction of this novelty, UJ relied on manual checks for verifying identity credentials submitted by applicants during registration.

Officials say while the facial recognition system will ensure accurate ID verification of individuals during registration, it will also go a long way in contributing to the general safety of the university community by keeping out people with doubtful portfolios.

Commenting on the new measure, the Senior Director of Central Academic Administration, Dr. Tinus van Zyl, said: “New students registering this year will receive an SMS with instructions to confirm their identity through a quick and non-intrusive facial scan. This advanced level of authentication ensures that the person registering is indeed who they claim to be, offering a robust defence against identity-related fraud.”

The University’s Registrar, Professor Bettine Van Vuuren, also commented, calling the move not only as a “pioneering step” aimed at preventing fraud but, an action that highlights the “University’s commitment to providing a secure and progressive learning environment for its students and staff.”

“It reflects our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, underscoring the institution’s status as a leader in South African higher education.”

Online gambling KYC

IDVerse’s selfie biometric and ID document checks have been added to GeoComply’s know your customer solution targeting the online gambling industry in a new partnership.

IDComply from GeoComply combines technologies from several ID verification providers to simplify compliance and eliminate the complexity of meeting the requirements of various jurisdictions, according to the announcement.

“This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey towards providing a seamless, secure, and inclusive gaming experience for our players worldwide,” comments GeoComply VP of Identity Aaron Gould. “It demonstrated exceptional synergy from the outset: during the testing and contracting phase, the support we received from IDVerse was unparalleled, showcasing a level of agility and receptiveness that truly set them apart. Their team’s ability to work with us closely and effectively respond to our feedback has been instrumental in achieving superior results.”

IDVerse Head of Partnerships Libby Robinson says the partnership will allow GeoComply to carry out identity checks in real-time, while taking advantage of “IDVerse’s unrivalled ID document coverage.”

“GeoComply will utilise IDVerse’s Zero Bias AI tested technology that pioneered the use of Generative AI to train deep neural network systems to protect against discrimination based on race, age and gender,” Robinson says. “This ensures seamless onboarding for any player in any geolocation – to make target markets and user bases larger and more diverse.”

Banking in South Korea

CyberLink is contributing its FaceMe biometrics to UnionCommunity’s latest server-based authentication offering to serve the South Korean banking sector.

The collaboration involves the integration of the FaceMe SDK with Ubio-ezPass for two-factor biometric authentication. The integrated solution has already been implemented at a South Korean financial institution.

FaceMe has also previously been integrated with the UBio-X Face Premium access control terminal.

Ubio-ezPass uses FaceMe facial recognition and proprietary presentation attack detection technology, and supports Active Directory, single sign-on (SSO) and attendance management systems.

Consumer health insights

BASF subsidiary trinamiX will showcase an integration of its Consumer Spectroscopy solution with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 smartphone reference design at the upcoming MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2024.

The company will be showing off its biometric face authentication and liveness detection for vehicles as well as smartphones at the show.

The trinamiX booth will also feature the company’s Driver Identification Display and its collaboration with Continental.

MWC 2024 is on February 26 to 29 in Barcelona.

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