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ID R&D text independent voice biometrics integrated with Red Box for contact center authentication

ID R&D text independent voice biometrics integrated with Red Box for contact center authentication

ID R&D’s text independent voice biometrics have been integrated with Red Box Coversa to lower the barriers to using customers’ natural conversational voices for rapid and frictionless contact center authentication.

Red Box Conversa is a new and open microservices-based enterprise voice platform. Conversa provides customers with real time access to and control over high quality data from voice conversations, separated by speaker, rather than an inaccessible, proprietary call recording system.

The Text Independent Voice Verification software from ID R&D is combined with Conversa’s event driven, globally extensible architecture to ease and reduce the cost of implementing real-time, passive biometric authentication from different contact center platforms, such as Cisco, Avaya, and Genesys. Previously, ID R&D says, complex and expensive backend integration was necessary to capture audio in real time for authentication with voice biometrics.

The customer’s voice is converted into a voice template and compared to the one on file in less than a second with ID R&D’s technology, for authentication typically completed within the first few seconds of conversation with an agent. Compared to knowledge-based authentication (KBA), the process can save up to 30 seconds of agent handling time for an immediate return on investment, according to the announcement, in addition to reducing customer frustration and blocking social engineering attacks more effectively.

“Using biometrics in the contact center has been complex and expensive,” comments John Amein, SVP, ID R&D in the announcement. “Together with Red Box, we are lowering barriers to adoption so that more companies can benefit from state-of-the-art biometric security and improved customer experience.”

Combining the inherence of voice biometrics with a possession factor, like using a device as a token, provides strong security against account takeovers and other fraud types. ID R&D says in the announcement that by not relying on device-based biometrics, the security gap caused by new device acquisition that can be exploited by fraudsters is closed.

ID R&D’s Text Independent Voice Verification can also be deployed inside an IVR environment to further reduce agent engagement time with self-service operations. With more call center agents than ever working remotely than ever before, the same solution can also be used to authenticate them for access to the contact center system.

The company also recently made its voice biometrics available for developers on Microsoft Azure.

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