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We help shift the burden of user authentication from the customer to the technology. In creating unique set of technologies, ID R&D eliminated cumbersome authentication methods and developed a science-driven, highly secure, seamless customer experience.

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Video deepfake fraud threat is real, helplessness is not: ID R&D

Deepfakes have become a cause for common concern, with articles and viral posts warning of their power to deceive. Real-life…

Jun 3, 2024

ID R&D to reveal the real deal with video deepfake fraud

Video deepfakes have caught the imagination of the public, and people are coming to grips with the threat they pose…

May 23, 2024

ID R&D patents voice biometrics and spoof detection to protect smart devices

ID R&D has been granted a patent for integrated voice biometrics and spoof detection for keywords and short requests used…

May 20, 2024

AI deepfakes are wreaking havoc on an unprepared financial industry

The identity of the firm targeted in a deepfake video scam that resulted in the loss of US$25 million has…

May 13, 2024

Webinar to unmask the threat of video deepfakes and biometric injection attacks

Video injection attacks used to deliver deepfakes are the top emerging threat to fraud prevention systems around the world in…

May 7, 2024

ID R&D, G+D, Keyo hire new skills to jack up market growth ambitions

Some players in the biometrics and digital identity industry, namely ID R&D, G+D, Keyo, Innovative Technology and Saviynt, recently announced…

May 2, 2024

Video injection attacks: What is that and the way forward?

By Konstantin Simonchik, Chief Science Officer and co-founder at ID R&D Do you remember the scene in ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ where…

Feb 9, 2024

Election year starting to show cracks from “nuclear” disruption of deepfakes

The packed election year of 2024 is ramping up and so are political attacks using deepfakes. U.S. President Joe Biden…

Jan 24, 2024

Deepfake voice attacks are here to put detection to the real-world test

It’s put up or shut up time for biometric software companies and public researchers claiming they can detect deepfake voices….

Jan 16, 2024

ValidSoft, Sift, Mitek, iProov and Chams fill chief, manager roles

Biometrics developers iProov and ValidSoft have announced new leadership in marketing and sales, while Mitek has quietly appointed the CEO…

Jan 15, 2024

Selfie biometrics secure ID verification across sectors, but deepfakes loom

Selfie biometrics remain a popular tool for digital ID verification, authentication and KYC, with new integrations and partner developments across…

Jan 9, 2024

Voice clone detection software from ID R&D tackles potent new AI-assisted threat

Biometrics developer ID R&D has outfitted its IDLive voice liveness detection software with the ability to detect voice cloning and…

Sep 28, 2023

ID R&D claims leadership among ‘extremely accurate’ leaders in NIST PAD test

ID R&D is claiming a top spot for the security and convenience of its printed photo and screen replay attacks…

Sep 6, 2023

ID R&D introduces voice biometrics for securing access to ChatGPT

Mitek-owned biometric authentication developer ID R&D is introducing a new feature that can verify the identity of the speaker while…

Aug 29, 2023

ID R&D takes top spot in international voice biometrics accuracy challenge

The latest results of the VoxCeleb 2023 Speaker Recognition Challenge are in, with ID R&D placing first in both the…

Aug 24, 2023

Presentation attacks the dominant vector for ID document fraud; ID R&D urges FIDO update

Nine out of ten document-based fraud attacks are presentation attacks, according to research from ID R&D that highlights the importance…

Jul 19, 2023

ID R&D and Anonybit analyze deepfake threat to biometrics and how to mitigate it

Amid the furor over generative AI’s power to create and imitate content, from still images and audio clips to lengthy…

Jun 21, 2023

Patent granted to ID R&D for way to increase liveness detection speed and accuracy

ID R&D has been granted a patent for a method of detecting spoof attacks against onboarding and biometric authentication systems…

Jun 5, 2023

ID R&D breaks down new biometric spoof evaluation metric RIAPAR

The 2023 revision of the ISO/IEC 30107 standard for presentation attack detection gives weight to a new metric for evaluating…

May 4, 2023

ID R&D patents new method for detecting voice spoof attacks and deepfakes

A new patent has been granted to ID R&D for a method of detecting deepfakes and spoof attacks against voice…

ID R&D Industry Insights

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ID R&D innovates again, this time with document liveness detection for identity verification

Document-based presentation attacks against remote onboarding systems have been detected by digital service providers. Document spoofs are a growing trend…

Aug 19, 2019Passive biometric liveness detection from ID R&D adds frictionless security for voice and face
Oct 3, 2018ID R&D removing the user experience but keeping the biometric security in authentication

ID R&D White Papers


Deep dive into deepfakes

Concerns about fraud are growing as the technology to create deepfakes becomes increasingly accessible. This white paper by ID R&D…

Dec 12, 2022Presentation attack detection: Measuring performance of APCER and BPCER
Oct 24, 2022Single-frame facial liveness detection: How it works to reduce user friction and abandonment
Aug 3, 2022Mitigating demographic bias in facial presentation attack detection
May 25, 2022Biometrics and bias: The science of inclusivity

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