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Biometrics and bias: The science of inclusivity

Biometrics and bias: The science of inclusivity

An in-depth conversation with digital identity experts Stephen Ritter, Chief Technology Officer at Mitek and Alexey Khitrov, CEO and co-founder at ID R&D.

It’s not a stretch to say that in the near future, passwords will be replaced with biometrics, an authentication method superior in every conceivable way: easier to use, more secure and less vulnerable to theft or breach. Over the course of the pandemic consumers have embraced biometric identification for even the most sensitive use cases and now trust biometrics over other authentication methods. Maintaining this trust requires companies to do biometrics right: free of bias and inclusive of all identities.

In this comprehensive Q&A conversation, Mitek CTO, Stephen Ritter, and ID R&D president, Alexey Khitrov, talk about why Multimodal Biometric Authentication (MBA) is at the vanguard of inclusive biometric authentication technology, and why banks need it to delight customers with unbiased, convenient and passwordless protection.

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