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Upcoming biometrics events and webinars explore development, contactless ID, inclusion

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Upcoming biometrics events and webinars explore development, contactless ID, inclusion

The next few weeks are packed with online events, webinars and conferences all in the field of contactless biometrics, digital identity in the face of COVID, and innovative financial solutions among many more. ID4Africa is holding a digital identity webinar on December 3rd and a Marathon of Innovations event December 8 to 10 covering digital identity initiatives and developments. Simprints will be holding a webinar on biometrics for development on November 24th. Goode Intelligence will run Identity Futures’ conference between the 23rd and 25th of this month, covering the latest developments in technology. APSCA will hold a global summit between the 1st and 3rd of December for target stakeholders in payment card and identity card ecosystems. Onfido is sponsoring an Economist event on December 8th and 9th delving into all different contactless systems. Women in Identity is holding a webinar on November 27th with a focus on digital identity in Australia specifically, and finally on December 10th ASIS International and the Security Industry Association (SIA) are partnering up to produce a free online event for participatory business strategies.

ID4Africa and Simprints events explore biometrics for development

ID4Africa will hold a live webinar on December 3rd (13:30 GMT), focusing on digital public goods as tools for the development of digital identity. Moderating this will be ID4Africa Executive Chairman Dr. Joseph Atick. The webinar will also touch on sustainable development, policy and inclusive foundational identity. The second part of the webinar will take place on January 14th 2021, and will center on methods of standardization and interoperability as a pathway to creating the public goods.

ID4Africa will then hold a Marathon of Innovations event between December 8th – 10th (09:30am CET). The program addresses the challenges we now face in digital identity, and questions which need to be answered, such as; ‘How to provision digital identity and make it fit for purpose to support a diverse set of services?’  Participants will hear from national identity authorities across Africa, and over 40 companies who are currently working in the field through an innovation showcase.

Symposiums will explore what is required to build the service delivery infrastructure once digital identity has been established, and the idea that that one unique identity rules over a multiplicity of digital identities and secure credentials. Furthermore, there will be a focus on the uses and efficiencies of national identity within public policy. Symposium 5 takes a look at travel and population flow management under COVID-19, and the innovations which have aided in restarting the flow of travellers, like contactless biometrics.

Topics will include; access, enrollment, authentication ’on the go’, and security among others. The program promises to deliver insightful sessions which will give an overview of where the field of identity is heading.

Simprints is holding a webinar on November 24th (15:30 GMT). The webinar will explore how biometrics can be used to improve the livelihoods of those who need it most. Ethical and privacy issues which surround the global development of biometrics, specifically for vulnerable populations, will also be covered.

Identity futures 2020

Goode Intelligence is running its Identity Futures’ conference from 23rd to 25th November (10:00am GMT). It will consist of keynotes, presentations, industry-led moderated panels and interviews. Participants will hear from experts, end-users and CEOs from 12 companies across topics of; ‘Designing an Inclusive Identity System’ and ‘The Passwordless Odyssey, powered by Biometrics.’

In Monday’s conference, Daltrey’s co-founder will reveal how the company seamlessly integrates with existing technology systems – enabling government and enterprise a simple way to eliminate passwords, access cards and PINs. The panel will also examine the global journey to being passwordless, and novel uses of biometric technologies. Finally, Thales will outline how a ‘touchless passenger journey’ might look.

APSCA and next generation cards 2020

APSCA’s virtual global summit will take place between 1st and 3rd of December targeting stakeholder groups in the payment card and identity card ecosystem, and will be informing card issuers and end-users about latest innovations as well as exploring how the card business is evolving. The webinar covers; a business stream, technology stream, Expo Zone – Virtual Exhibitor Showcases and networking, meetings and conversations, to cover a range of interactive conference sessions for different professionals.

Economist: contactless world and rise of digital identity

The Economist events is running an online event sponsored by Onfido between December 8th and 9th (2:00pm EST), which will be focusing on how COVID-19 is shaping the way toward a contactless world. Among the agenda items, presentations will cover ‘Banking on the future: Financial services, reimagined,’ ‘Healthy systems: Improving access to health care,’ ‘Redefining entertainment in the post-covid-19 era,’ ‘Faceless criminals: Securing data and privacy,’ ‘Voting for progress: The future of digital democracy’ and ‘Taking flight: The future of travel.’

WID and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The NGO Women in Identity will host a webinar on the 27th of November (12:00pm AEDT) titled ‘Importance of digital trust’ consisting of a panel of experts in digital services and identity to discuss the current progress of digital Identity in Australia.

ASIS International and the Security Industry Association (SIA) are partnering up to produce a free online event ‘Global DE&I Strategy: Policy and Practices that Produce Positive Business Outcomes’ on December 10th (11:00am EST). This will cover topics of diversity, inclusion, and bias, as well as specific and practical resources that enhance the effectiveness of security enterprises. Individual breakout rooms will discuss ‘Hiring Policies and Practices to Create and Retain a Diverse Candidate Pool,’ ‘Best Practices for Facilitating Difficult Dialogues’ and ‘How to Create a Diversity Program in Your Organization.’

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