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Hummingbirds AI launches new biometrics platform to secure employee data at CES 2022

Hummingbirds AI launches new biometrics platform to secure employee data at CES 2022

Deep-tech startup Hummingbirds AI has announced a new artificial intelligence-based biometrics platform designed to make employees’ computers more secure.

Dubbed GuacamoleID, the biometric solution has been officially unveiled at CES 2022 and is intended to secure machines against both unauthorized access and shoulder surfing attempts.

“Traditionally, most cybersecurity efforts have been focused on the security of networks and little or no attention has been paid to the security of endpoints, such as employees’ computers, laptops, smartphones, and IoT devices,” explains Hummingbirds AI CEO Dr. Nima Schei.

According to the executive, these vulnerabilities in endpoints are now increasingly making them the target of choice in cyberattacks.

“With so much reliance on cloud computing, a single breach event by unauthorized access to a computer can end up a national disaster,” Schei says.

“We put all our eggs in one basket, and we forgot how vulnerable that basket is to cybercrime. It’s not the matter of ‘If’ anymore, it’s the matter of ‘When.’”

To avoid such breaches, GuacamoleID utilizes facial recognition to block computers’ login screens if their cameras detect an unauthorized person in their field of vision.

For context, the technology seems to be similar to one described in a Xiaomi patent in March last year, or the one released in the Smart Eye Technology platform in 2020.

Unlike those technologies, however, GuacamoleID’s biometric privacy protection reportedly works entirely offline to ensure users’ privacy.

“In Hummingbirds AI, we think outside of the box and we go out of the way, outside of the comfort zone to create the most innovative computer vision algorithms for the security of the enterprise, because we know our clients need this, and as a business owner, I put myself in their shoes and I want the best security for my business as well,” Schei concludes.

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