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Xiaomi biometric ‘anti-peeping’ patent published

Using facial recognition to increase smartphone security features


Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software, the mobile software division of Xiaomi, had a patent published this week that seems to be hinting at face biometric-powered anti-peeping features for smartphones, ITH reports.

Roughly translating to “Terminal Protection, Installation and Storage Media”, the patent application has been filed under the number CNN112492103A and was first registered on March 12, 2019.

The document describes a sensor that continuously scans the space framed by the camera with biometric technology to look for faces, then hides the device’s notification content if it identifies an unauthorized face.

According to the patent, the “end-to-end anti-peeping method” would serve to enhance users’ privacy by allowing access to the device only when in the hands of an authorized person.

The concept behind the technology is not new. It aims to prevent what it is commonly referred to in internet security as “shoulder-surfing,” the practice of peeking over someone’s shoulder to get access to private information.

Biometrics have also been applied to preventing shoulder surfing by Smart Eye Technology.

At the time of writing, it is still unknown if the facial recognition capability described in the published patent application from Xiaomi will come to smartphones in the near future, or at all.

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