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Sensory releases cloud platform for face and voice biometrics, analysis

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Sensory releases cloud platform for face and voice biometrics, analysis

Software company Sensory has announced the beta release of a new artificial intelligence (AI) as a Service platform designed to process voice and vision AI workloads in the cloud, such as for voice and face biometric identification and verification.

Dubbed SensoryCloud.ai, the solution offers a number of voice analysis AI services, along with face biometrics.

Voice tools include including Speech to Text (STT) with for either streaming or batch-mode operations, Wake Word Revalidation to reduce false alarm events, and Sound and biometric Speaker Identification, featuring a multi-stage approach optimized for speed, efficiency, and accuracy. The platform also offers Face Verification capabilities, with Sensory confirming additional services will be added over the course of 2022.

From a technical standpoint, SensoryCloud’s AI inference engine is both language- and platform-agnostic, and is contained within a highly-developed API.

“We have a history of building fast and accurate AI models, and we paired this capability with some of the brightest and freshest minds in the cloud industry,” comments Sensory CEO Todd Mozer.

“The result is a hybrid cloud platform that uses state-of-the-art AI to address customers’ unique needs for control, flexibility, cost, accuracy, reliability, features, latency, and privacy.”

Though the company typically develops solutions for the network edge, many of its embedded technology customers expressed a desire for more flexible solutions than those available through other cloud service providers, according to the announcement.

Sensory is presenting the new AI platform at CES 2022, taking place in Las Vegas this week.

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