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Tech5 extends biometrics market presence to Australia, Trulioo expands in EMEA

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Tech5 extends biometrics market presence to Australia, Trulioo expands in EMEA

Tech5 has set up a subsidiary office in Sydney as part of its efforts to stamp its feet on Australia’s biometric ID management solutions market through the creation of a network of partnerships. Trulioo, for its part, is expanding in the EMEA region with coverage in Greece and Israel. The Canadian company has also announced the launch of an initiative to enable IT security professionals to improve safety and security in the digital ID world.

Tech5 takes innovative ID solutions to Sydney

Tech5 says all of its technologies, including the innovative T5-Digital ID used for mobile devices and T5-AirSnap face and fingerprint biometric solution, will be made available to its partners in Australia following the opening of a subsidiary office in Sydney.

The Sydney presence, the company says, ties with the objectives of the Digital Transformation Agency of Australia to ensure citizens can verify their digital IDs in a safe and seamless manner.

Tech5 CEO, Machiel van der Harst, echoed this when he said: “We fully share the position of the Australian Government that digital identity is a key enabler for a safe and thriving digital economy. Technologies for digital ID are the number one strategic focus of Tech5, and we are looking forward to proving the efficiency of our offerings in helping to provide Australian citizens with digital identities of the future.”

Managing Director of Tech5 Australia Samier Dandan said: “Complementary to the existing concepts and offerings, Tech5 brings to the Australian market the technologies to make digital identity efficient online and offline in both electronic and printed format. T5-Digital ID addresses one of the most common needs of digital identity management – connecting a digital identity to its owner biometrically.”

Tech5 says its technologies are built with protection by design and are customizable to allow users to enjoy greater levels of trust and flexibility.

Trulioo expands in EMEA to drive financial inclusion

Organizations using Trulioo Global Gateway ID verification service in Greece and Israel can henceforth conveniently do so and in compliance with regional know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.

According to a company statement, the move by Trulioo will allow users in Greece, many of whom are reportedly unbanked, to have their identity easily verified using selfie biometrics with alternative data sources, as opposed to through conventional means. Israel is a potential growth market for Trulioo due to a push to upgrade cybersecurity practices, the company says.

“It’s critical to create and sustain an inclusive economy — no one should be left behind because they may not have a conventional banking history or credit score,” says Trulioo CPO Michael Ramsbacker, “Offering support in Greece will ensure organizations can connect with consumers digitally, ultimately advancing financial inclusion.”

He adds: “With consumer privacy top of mind in Israel, we recognize the importance of offering services that help our customers deploy identity verification programs that abide by evolving data collection policies. Trulioo offers services that organizations can rely on to verify identities the world over, irrespective of jurisdiction or market.”

Trulioo initiative to respond to regulatory, compliance concerns

An initiative has also been launched by Trulioo to help IT security professionals build more trust in the digital ID space in order to contribute to organizations’ business growth objectives, according to a company announcement.

The initiative dubbed Champions of Trust, described in a whitepaper recently released by Trulioo, is meant to support these professionals on their career paths, amplify their contributions and foster collaboration in an industry that is quickly becoming a driving force of innovation, the announcement states.

Speaking about the development, Trulioo CEO Steve Munford, says: “There’s no doubt about it, becoming more identity-led is going to be a defining feature of successful businesses in the coming years. Security and identity aren’t solely about defense, protection against bad actors and risk mitigation. It is also an opportunity to put processes in place that can be the foundation for business growth at a time when customers expect best-in-class service and onboarding. That’s why the rise to prominence of Champions of Trust is a game-changer.”

One of the Champions of Trust, Melissa Strait, chief compliance officer at digital asset exchange Coinbase, says there is still much work to be done to increase fairness in economic systems: “We’re simultaneously facing a digital ecosystem that is evolving quickly — technology is the main enabler to addressing both financial inclusion and an ever-changing risk landscape.”

Another Champion of Trust, Philippe Panneton, SVP of Risk and Underwriting at Nuvei, believes “digital identity and trust are going to be the key to ensuring the global marketplace is safe and secure as it expands.”

Trulioo recently secured four new customers in the banking sector for its selfie biometrics ID verification platform.

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