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Trulioo is a leading global identity and business verification company that provides secure access to traditional and alternative data sources worldwide to instantly verify consumers and businesses online.

Trulioo Biometrics News


Flurry of deals to secure ID verification and KYC in banking, gambling, rentals

As identity theft threats increase, industries with ID verification needs are seeking – and keeping – partnerships that supply solid,…

Dec 20, 2023

Trulioo sees accelerated growth in 2023 after identity verification platform launch

Trulioo saw rapid growth in 2023 after the successful launch of its identity verification platform and an increase in KYB…

Dec 1, 2023

Selfie verification draws deals for AuthID, Trulioo – and a lawsuit

Identity verification firms AuthID and Trulioo are each starting December with new deals, but not everyone is happy with selfie…

Nov 29, 2023

User experience remains paramount amid heightened AI threat

Reports from Liminal and Regula reveal fraud trends from 2023 and insights heading into 2024, while businesses focused on crypto…

Nov 6, 2023

Biometric age estimation: Pinpointing the benefits and challenges

By Hal Lonas, Chief Technology Officer, Trulioo The expanding global digital economy and the convenience it provides have also led…

Oct 19, 2023

A flurry of selfie biometrics deals in fintech for Onfido, Shufti, Sumsub, Trulioo

Digital identity and biometrics deals are flying in the financial sector, with ID verification firms gaining footholds in a growing…

Oct 5, 2023

Business ID verification demand grows, KYB services evolve

Trulioo has released the results of its Global KYB (know your business) Survey as CellBunq and Enigma unveil new features…

Aug 24, 2023

Trulioo adds intelligent transaction routing to identity verification orchestration platform

Canada-based Trulioo has added a set of new capabilities to its Workflow Studio platform for faster identity verification, while new…

Jun 27, 2023

Trulioo claims huge increase in KYB adoption as US tightens ID verification requirements

KYC firm Trulioo claims to have seen a 586 percent increase in Know Your Business (KYB) adoption, ahead of the…

Jun 6, 2023

KYC providers introduce new identity verification capabilities

FaceOnLive is introducing its SDK to the market for face matching, liveness detection and document recognition to provide identity verification…

May 19, 2023

Trulioo, Fourthline, SIA, Alcatraz expand boards

Several prominent biometric firms have made significant moves to strengthen their boards in a wave of strategic expansions and leadership…

May 11, 2023

How to overcome identity verification challenges in a digital economy

By Michael Ramsbacker, Chief Product Officer at Trulioo Businesses operating in the worldwide digital economy rely on identity verification as…

Jan 31, 2023

New biometric identity verification platform from Trulioo promises easier compliance

A new global digital identity platform has been introduced by Trulioo to provide trusted user experience and regulatory compliance while…

Nov 30, 2022

Online marketplaces say ID verification is vital amid KYC deals

Eighty-seven percent of online marketplace executives view identity verification as critical to protecting consumers and building trust in uncertain times,…

Nov 14, 2022

Crypto thefts explode; report says users will tolerate ID verification friction to stop it

A survey paid for by a digital ID verification company indicates that at least 70 percent of cryptocurrency users are…

Oct 24, 2022

Trulioo asks the market about ID verification, hears agreement on its need

New vendor-funded research indicates that consumers ae aware of the importance of digital ID verification and feel warmer toward companies…

Sep 27, 2022

Expanding customer base for selfie biometrics in crypto draws Trulioo to Singapore

Immediately on the heels of announcing job cuts and a pivot to focus on higher-growth areas for its digital identity…

Sep 26, 2022

Pangiam on US hiring spree as Trulioo cuts staff and SMB digital identity portfolio

Biometric travel and security solutions provider Pangiam has unveiled new investment plans, which it says will give room for creating…

Sep 21, 2022

Trulioo, Intellicheck and Zwipe add new talent to grow customer portfolios, revenues

Three companies in the biometrics and digital ID space have made new appointments to grow either their customer bases and…

Jun 8, 2022

IDology adds, Trulioo updates biometric authentication for KYB

IDology and Trulioo each took separate steps to advance in the know your business (KYB) field with biometric authentication. IDology…

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