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Selfie biometrics customer wins in three verticals and SDK update unveiled

Selfie biometrics customer wins in three verticals and SDK update unveiled

Trust Stamp has signed a deal with Ietus (formerly RentMoola), a cloud payment platform for property managers and tenants, to provide its selfie biometrics for customer verification. Digital Trust Solutions has announced it will act as the global ID verification provider for the Concordium Blockchain, and Au10tix has signed up a digital bank. Onfido has updated its Smart Capture biometric software development kit (SDK) to include NFC support to expand its identity verification portfolio.

Trust Stamp to provide Ietus with biometric verification

Ietus confirmed it will utilize Trust Stamp’s face biometric verification to protect landlords and tenants from synthetic identity fraud as they transact online.

“Trust Stamp looks forward to furthering our impact in the real estate industry through our work with letus,” says the company’s President Andrew Gowasack.

“This partnership enables us to continue addressing cross-industry needs in fraud prevention and operational efficiency with an innovative, mission-aligned company that drives accessibility and inclusion in financial services for the rental space.”

The move comes days after Trust Stamp joined forces with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Kigali, Rwanda to improve biometrics performance.

DTS to act as digital ID verification provider on Concordium blockchain

Digital Trust Solutions (DTS) is a software development, management and consultancy firm specializing in customer compliance, while Concordium is a Web3 company providing a blockchain with a built-in ID layer to ease regulatory compliance.

Their partnership will see DTS act as the global ID verification provider on the Concordium blockchain by providing selfie biometrics checks.

“With DTS’ Identity Services, users of CCD wallets are authenticated based on locally available digital identities, NFC chip reader or by means of a Passport/Driving License or National ID card with a selfie check,” explains DTS CEO Arjan van Diemen.

“All transactions will be stored in an identification file with independent evidence, off-chain. If required by regulators, user identities and their transactions may be revoked by a set of independent identity revokers. In this way we bridge the gap between the virtual and real world and meet regulatory requirements,” van Diemen adds.

DTS also confirmed it will participate in the Concordium ecosystem development and collaborate with the firm on use case development and enterprise blockchain adoption.

Au10tix signs up Israeli digital bank

Au10tix will supply its selfie biometric technology for customer identity verification and know your customer (KYC) checks for One Zero Digital Bank, following approval by Israel’s central bank.

The deal covers both customer onboarding and re-verification for processes like resetting a password or making changes to an account.

One Zero Digital Bank has already onboarded 75,000 new customers in a successful pilot of Au10tix selfie biometrics and protections against fraud, including synthetic identity fraud, according to the announcement.

“The combination of 100 percent automated, forensic detection and global coverage enable our customers to continue scalable growth, improve their KYC (know your customer) capabilities with industry-leading fraud detection capabilities while saving on costs,” states Au10tix Founder and Acting Chairman Ron Atzmon.

Onfido updates Smart Capture SDK

The new version of Onfido’s Smart Capture SDK introduces a series of new features. At the top of the list is support for NFC data extraction from documents such as ePassports to verify document and biometric data.

Onfido reported a 100 percent accuracy in results, which were returned in under 15 seconds, and over a 95 percent pass rate on successful scans.

Additionally, the Smart Capture SDK can now use passive device signals to analyze device integrity and detect whether it has been compromised and gather and analyze IP attributes and geolocation information to detect additional fraud (e.g.malicious traffic, risky IPs, and bot traffic).

Onfido has also improved first-time barcode capture success from less than 80 percent to approximately 95 percent for US and Canadian driver’s licenses, and MRZ capture success from below 80 percent to approximately 95 percent for passports.

Finally, the company confirmed the Smart Capture SDK is now WCAG accredited ensuring a more accessible user onboarding experience for all end users.

The update comes weeks after Onfido announced it had been selected by Chipper Cash to accelerate the onboarding of customers wishing to send money abroad.

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