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Trust Stamp

Website: truststamp.ai

Trust Stamp (stock info) provides enterprises and consumers with artificial intelligence-powered identity and trust as a service, with a focus on facial biometrics with multilayer anti-spoofing / proof-of-liveness techniques. Trust Stamp’s proprietary technology checks for proof of liveness in still and video images and compares them to forensically examined photo-ID documents and photographs found online to create a patented evergreen biometric hash.

Trust Stamp Biometrics News


Embarrassing slipup exposes dozens of personal profiles from Trust Stamp

The only situation worse than a data breach for a face biometrics security company is a dumb data breach. According…

May 20, 2022

Trust Stamp brings biometric MFA to IdRamp’s no-code passwordless platform

Trust Stamp and IdRamp have announced a partnership to develop a biometric multi-factor authentication (MFA) service with access management, social…

May 16, 2022

Selfie biometrics customer wins in three verticals and SDK update unveiled

Trust Stamp has signed a deal with Ietus (formerly RentMoola), a cloud payment platform for property managers and tenants, to…

May 11, 2022

Trust Stamp joins forces with Rwandan Institute to increase equality in biometrics performance

Trust Stamp announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in…

May 6, 2022

Trust Stamp starts up and Alcatraz AI joins entrepreneurship networks

A pair of biometrics providers have committed to paying it forward, with a nonprofit established by Trust Stamp working with…

May 2, 2022

Immigrant tracking biometric app contract expanded by US agency

The U.S. immigration agency has renewed a biometric surveillance contract to create a new facial recognition app for tracking immigrants…

Apr 28, 2022

Trust Stamp builds new MFA solution with selfie biometrics, tokenization technology

Trust Stamp launched a multi-factor authentication solution named ‘Biometric MFA’ to replace traditional password-based MFA with selfie biometrics. “Device-based multi-factor authentication…

Apr 25, 2022

Trust Stamp CEO discusses interoperable metaverse wallet with biometric authentication

Gareth Genner, CEO of Trust Stamp, envisions a future for the metaverse where the company’s biometrically-authenticated interoperable avatar will make…

Apr 19, 2022

Trust Stamp reports biometrics revenues up sharply in Q4

Trust Stamp is reporting improvements in several different financial metrics as its portfolio of intellectual property for biometrics reaches production…

Apr 11, 2022

Honors and recognition for Jumio, Socure, Alcatraz AI, NEC, Prove, Experian, Canaria

Biometrics solution providers Alcatraz AI, Jumio, Experian, Prove, Canaria Technologies, NEC and Socure have earned different recognitions for the quality…

Mar 14, 2022

UK ecommerce MFA rules take effect as biometrics providers win fintech clients

The rules around online transactions continue to tighten, with the UK requiring stronger authentication through factors including face and fingerprint…

Feb 28, 2022

Trust Stamp bundles biometrics into new low-code identity orchestration platform

Trust Stamp announced the launch of an identity orchestration platform that the company says will streamline the delivery and implementation of…

Feb 23, 2022

Clearview AI, Trust Stamp add biometrics research leaders amid patent pushes

Clearview AI has filed a patent application to protect its method of fast and low-cost face biometric algorithm training, co-authored by…

Feb 14, 2022

Trust Stamp secures funding for QR code medical records with biometric security

Malta Enterprise has committed funding to support the development of Trust Stamp’s Medical-Record QR Code, which will implement the company’s…

Feb 8, 2022

Trust Stamp taps Josh Allen as CEO of strategic Malta, Rwanda branches

Trust Stamp appoints Joshua Allen as the CEO of the biometrics company’s Malta and Rwanda subsidiaries. The company’s Malta branch…

Feb 2, 2022

Public options for biometrics investment widen with Trust Stamp Nasdaq listing

Trading of Trust Stamp stock on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the ticker symbol “IDAI” has commenced, for the first…

Jan 7, 2022

Trust Stamp reveals $8.84M in funding for biometrics innovation, commercialization

The hot streak for biometrics investments continues with Trust Stamp raking in $8.84 million from new and existing investors to further…

Jan 6, 2022

Trust Stamp biometrics patents approved, liveness detection technique filed

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has allowed for the issuance of two new biometrics patents to Trust Stamp,…

Dec 20, 2021

Potential ways to avoid digital ID’s dark side concludes ID4Africa trilogy

Different digital identity systems and technologies were considered in ID4Africa’s final livecast of trilogy on ‘The Dark Side of Identity,’…

Dec 16, 2021

Trust Stamp strengthens Africa team to deliver tokenized biometrics

Trust Stamp says it is adding more personnel to beef up its Africa presence in Rwanda as it looks forward…

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