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Trust Stamp

Website: truststamp.ai

Trust Stamp (stock info) provides enterprises and consumers with artificial intelligence-powered identity and trust as a service, with a focus on facial biometrics with multilayer anti-spoofing / proof-of-liveness techniques. Trust Stamp’s proprietary technology checks for proof of liveness in still and video images and compares them to forensically examined photo-ID documents and photographs found online to create a patented evergreen biometric hash.

Trust Stamp Biometrics News


Options for biometric age assurance and how to orchestrate them take Summit spotlight

Presentations at the Global Age Assurance Standards Summit on Thursday largely centered on the technologies available to meet the standards,…

Apr 9, 2024

Trust Stamp face biometrics layer addresses voice vulnerability to deepfakes

Trust Stamp has launched a program that aims to help financial institutions fast-track their deepfake detection capabilities with multi-factor biometric…

Mar 25, 2024

Wave of age verification laws sweeps the US, bringing opportunity for biometrics

The United States continues to see a legislative push to make XXX adult content sites exclusive to adults through the…

Mar 18, 2024

Trust Stamp joins booming global market for biometric age estimation

Trust Stamp has entered the market for AI-based age estimation software, which is booming globally as regulators catch up with…

Mar 10, 2024

Trust Stamp launches identity authentication service for high-risk transactions

Trust Stamp has launched an AI-powered transaction authorization service for high-risk online transactions and announced the issuance notification for a…

Feb 28, 2024

Trust Stamp listed as fraud mitigation provider for Federal Reserve

Digital identity and trust provider Trust Stamp has announced it has been listed by the Federal Reserve as a synthetic…

Jan 30, 2024

Prepare now for when quantum computers break biometric encryption: Trust Stamp

Digital identity and trust provider Trust Stamp has released a white paper explaining the threat of quantum computing to biometric…

Jan 22, 2024

Keyless claims first as split biometric hashing wins international patent

International companies including Keyless, Smart Engines and Trust Stamp, and academic researchers are securing patents for a host of AI-based…

Jan 5, 2024

Trust Stamp files patent for tokenized biometrics, inks IoT collaboration

Biometric digital identity services firm Trust Stamp has filed another patent for tokenized identity as it could help meet increasingly…

Dec 21, 2023

Trust Stamp partners with Partisia on secure biometric data flow, joins bank accelerator

Atlanta-based Trust Stamp, provider of AI-based biometric trust and identity services to a variety of sectors, has announced a partnership…

Nov 3, 2023

Trust Stamp wins D-seal denoting responsible biometric data use

Denmark’s D-seal has been awarded to Trust Stamp, the global firm providing AI-driven identity and facial biometrics tools to sectors…

Sep 19, 2023

Biometric monitoring band from Trust Stamp emphasizes discretion

A new battery-free NFC band is being touted as a way to increase dignity and reduce stigmatization for people in…

Sep 8, 2023

Alcatraz AI adds Fannie Mae CSO to advisory board

A round of early-September appointments by biometric access control and digital identity providers brings in executives and an advisor from…

Aug 16, 2023

Trust Stamp launches biometric facial image quality assessment API

Trust Stamp has published a white paper playing up its facial attribute and image quality assessment API, which the vendor…

Aug 15, 2023

Some black among the red in second-quarter financials for biometrics firms

The biometric ID sector in the second quarter, ended June 30, continued to bump along, trying to find its footing….

Aug 14, 2023

Biometric tokenization patents given to Trust Stamp

Two U.S. patents for biometric identification, one for biometric tokenization, have been awarded to software maker Trust Stamp. The first…

Jun 8, 2023

Trust Stamp forced to sell shares again; cuts value of a previous share sale

Six months after reporting a fiscal 2022 jump in revenue and losses, digital identity services firm Trust Stamp is seeking…

Jun 2, 2023

Trust Stamp gains approval for multi-factor authentication patent

Trust Stamp has gained approval for yet another new patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, this time…

May 26, 2023

Trust Stamp gains approval for a new patent around ‘lossy’ biometric representation

Trust Stamp has gained approval for a new patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, pertaining to ‘lossy’…

Apr 14, 2023

Patent progress for Trust Stamp biometric tokens and Fico continuous liveness detection

Trust Stamp has received a Notice of Allowance for three different patents, pertaining to protecting biometrics and other sensitive data,…

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