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Indications that China has made big strides in chip muscle, price for facial recognition

Indications that China has made big strides in chip muscle, price for facial recognition

A Chinese maker of measurement systems designed for three-dimensional facial recognition is reporting that its chips can outperform other chips on the international market and do it for less money.

If true, it marks the beginning of the end for advanced-tech embargoes used against Beijing. And it presents a challenge to all other economies that are just starting to pull their strategic manufacturing from an aggressive China.

Those nations and companies have to do all the work of relocated a major industry that places enormous resource and political demands on old or inadequate infrastructure, all the while innovating on technology that they sent essentially to be job-shopped in China decades ago.

Plug the following link into your translator of choice for a translation of Wisesoft’s announcement (We used DeepL).

Wisesoft reportedly has created 3D measurement chips that can be used in facial recognition cameras that work faster and cost less than foreign counterparts that China is trying to wean from.

An engineering prototype reportedly is poised to make measurements in .01 seconds within a year. Today, the prototype’s operating time has accelerated from .05 seconds to .015 seconds. The first batch of 10 prototypes, none of which used foreign chips, have been delivered.

Chip costs reportedly have been cut in more than half.

The company says applications for the hardware include military, national defense, industrial manufacturing, transportation and medicine. It reportedly has already been used in work involving diagnosis of psychological diseases such as depression and unwanted behaviors including lying using a 3D camera measuring “micro-expressions.”

The translation states that the goal is to innovate on “a high-speed high-precision three-dimensional face camera based on the ‘three-dimensional micro-expression capture analyzer.”

It appears that someone in China is driving this project very hard.

The translation indicates that “the company’s insistence on core technology breakthroughs” has forced a two-year-decline in Wisesoft’s corporate performance. It seems that the author of the report says the push has been so great that, according to the translation, there has been a “failure to timely project … current costs.” The company’s legacy business has suffered as an example.

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