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Articles By Mike Vesey

Mike Vesey is the Founder and CEO of IdRamp, providing a decentralized identity platform delivering easy to implement orchestration, password elimination, verifiable credentials, blockchain ID, and service delivery.

(Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash) By Mike Vesey, CEO, IdRamp Digital identity is the lifeline of modern businesses, bridging the connection between…

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Identity Orchestration: How to drive digital transformation, modernize security, and innovate

By Mike Vesey, Founder and CEO of IdRamp 2022 will go down as a particularly challenging year for the technology sector….


SSO 3.0: Replace the keys to your kingdom with locks on every door

By Mike Vesey, Founder and CEO of IdRamp Single sign on (SSO) has become a standard practice for improving usability…


SaaS subscriber password sharing: Netflix’s identity problem and how to fix it

By Mike Vesey, Founder and CEO of IdRamp My name is Mike Vesey. But how does a software as a…


Multi-Cloud orchestration makes open source identity work

By Mike Vesey, CEO, IdRamp There is no one cloud to rule all applications. Most of us operate with multi-cloud environments….


ID.me and the future of biometric zero trust architecture

By Mike Vesey, Founder and CEO of IdRamp The backlash against the recent IRS policy requiring taxpayers to access tax…


Time to rethink your identity management strategy

By Mike Vesey, CEO, IdRamp Public sector has often lagged behind the marketplace when it comes to digital innovation. But…

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