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News, interviews and reports relating to government contracts for biometric systems used in eGovernment, border control, national security and national ID.


Biometric Voter Registration Fraud reported in Sierra Leone

The National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone has announced that 794 people were caught engaging in registration fraud during a…


NIST recognizes 3M Cogent’s Latent Fingerprint Algorithm Most Accurate

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recognizes 3M Cogent’s latent fingerprint algorithm as achieving the highest accuracy score….


Nigerian Biometric Reconciliation Panel to resolve Verification Issues

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity in Nigeria has inaugurated a 10-man inter-ministerial Biometric Reconciliation Panel to resolve verification…


Thailand to set up Nationwide Citizen ID Data Center

The Thai government will be setting up a nationwide citizen information data center by 2013 to improve information sharing among…


Canada to eavesdrop at airports, border crossings

Canada announced this week that it will begin using high-definition cameras and microphones capable of recording conversations between travelers at…


Nigerian Ports to use Biometric Cards to Catch Fraud

Nigerian ports are being introduced to using biometric cards to check for fraudulent practices, including those involving corrupt customs agents….


Vesalis Biometric Facial Recognition Software for Shops and Government

A facial recognition technology, which was originally designed for makeup counters in malls, is getting a different type of attention…


ImageWare Systems’ BE 2.0 to secure Air and Sea Ports

ImageWare Systems, Inc has released version 2.0 of its flagship Biometric Engine identity management product. The system is considered an…


IBISWorld offers industry report for Voice Recognition Software Developers Industry

IBISWorld, an independent publisher of U.S. industry research, has released a market research report on the voice recognition software developers…


Smartmatic Biometrics Deal at odds in Philippines

The fate of the next Philippine elections could hang in the balance if a ruling will not be reached regarding…

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