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Vancouver, BC

Face Forensics Inc.

Face Forensics is a Vancouver-based software developer with over 20 years experience in industrial strength biometric technology, including face recognition, partial face recognition, corpse identification, and tattoo recognition. Our core team developed the largest system in the world designed to match images of child abuse – it was launched at the House of Lords in London. We’ve recently added high capacity physical and online contactless/frictionless identity verification to our portfolio.

Face Forensics Inc. Biometrics News


Face Forensics announces tattoo recognition upgrade to biometric algorithm

Face Forensics has released an update to its Full Face Recognition (f2) solution which improves the program’s biometric algorithms to…

Mar 26, 2019

Face Forensics develops facial recognition technology for closed eyes and dead people

Face Forensics Inc. has announced the launch of a new module to apply its biometric facial recognition technology to the…

Jun 7, 2017

Face Forensics triples image enrollment speed of its face recognition technology

Face Forensics announced a “substantial” increase in the image enrollment speed of its f2 face and tattoo recognition technology. The…

Oct 17, 2016

Face Forensics releases improved version of face recognition technology

Face Forensics Inc. has released an improved version of its advanced f2 face recognition technology for identity verification applications. Designed…

Jun 29, 2015

Face Forensics Inc. develops high speed partial face recognition capability

Face Forensics Inc. announced it has made a significant improvement to its f2 face recognition technology by adding unique partial…

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