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Website: opencrvs.org

OpenCRVS is an open-source civil registration system that can be configured for a country in a week.

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Connecting national ID and health systems can boost civil registration

Experts from development organizations supporting civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) efforts around the world have reiterated the need to…

Apr 17, 2024

African digital CRVS Shared Asset initiative advances as collaborative framework is born

Efforts aimed at putting in place an integrated and harmonized digital Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (e-CRVS) system that will…

Mar 5, 2024

OpenCRVS launches new version, resources and partner program to boost ecosystem

OpenCRVS has released a new version of its digital civil registration platform and launched a pair of initiatives to build…

Oct 9, 2023

Nigeria reaches 57% in special birth registration drive targeting 12M children

The National Population Commission of Nigeria (NPC) says its teams have attained 57 percent coverage of a digital birth registration…

Sep 28, 2023

Co-Develop invests in OpenCRVS for DPI development

DPI development investor Co-Develop announced an investment in OpenCRVS, a standards-based open source software that gives governments the power to…

Feb 16, 2023

UNICEF, AfDB reports reveal civil registration gaps and opportunities in Africa

Civil registration and vital statistics systems are being gradually digitalized in African nations, and the pictures both of how they…

Feb 2, 2023

Free-to-use civil registration system OpenCRVS adds features, configuration

The open-source, free-to-use civil registration and vital statistics platform OpenCRVS has introduced substantial developments in its latest version, 1.2. New…

Dec 19, 2022

Make digital ID systems flexible with open source and standards: Tony Blair Institute

Governments must be able to upgrade and re-adapt their legacy ID infrastructure to allow them the flexibility to choose the…

Aug 18, 2022

Start small, test, and iterate: legal ID delivery advice from OpenCRVS engagement lead

Civil registration and vital statistics registries are critical tools for governments to understand the populations they are trying to serve;…

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