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Smile Identity

Smile Identity uses Computer vision and Machine learning to validate true identity. Onboard, verify and authenticate users across Africa.

Smile Identity Biometrics News


Biometrics needed to protect Africa’s digital economy ambitions from growing fraud

The spiralling trend of identity-related fraud in Africa, perpetrated mostly through national ID documents, portends great dangers for Africa’s lofty…

Jul 28, 2023

ID authentication vendor seeing fewer financial fraud attempts in Africa

ID fraud attempts are falling across Africa compared to the previous year, a new marketing KYC report from authentication firm…

Jul 20, 2023

New partnerships for document scanning and KYC expansions show ID verification demand

Identity verification providers are partnering and signing up new customers to extend the reach of their technologies, including Shufti Pro,…

Apr 26, 2023

Smile acquires Appruve to expand identity verification footprint across Africa

With company valuations down KYC and face biometrics provider Smile Identity, with offices in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and London,…

Feb 16, 2023

Digital ID firms close two seeds and a series B funding round. One of them is a giant

The pipeline for early investments in biometric identity companies is nothing to dismiss. While jumbo series C through E deals…

Jan 31, 2023

African demand for digital ID infrastructure growing, as is fraud: Smile Identity report

Digital ID verification company Smile Identity has highlighted increasing interest among African countries in developing critical digital identity infrastructure. This…

Aug 19, 2022

Africa needs biometric de-duplication, Smile Identity argues

Nobody loves an enticing promotional customer campaign more than an accomplished identity fraudster. That is as true in Africa as…

Apr 18, 2022

Biometrics capture with feature phones to boost Africa’s financial inclusion

The potential of biometrics captured on feature phones, the importance of regulatory sandboxes, and the need for more flexible identity…

Feb 28, 2022

Fintech-focused biometrics and KYC partnerships, new platforms unveiled

Face biometrics providers continue to rapidly sign up new customers and partners for technologies to support remote customers, with FYNXT…

Aug 3, 2021

Investment pours in for biometric startups developing new services

Biometrics firms Smile Identity, Zenus and OneWave are reporting successful funding rounds for products ranging from ‘ethical facial recognition’ to…

Jul 8, 2021

Biometrics investments roll on with $7M for Smile Identity, up to $8.7M for Daltrey

Selfie biometric authentication provider Smile Identity has closed a $7 million Series A funding round to advance its aim of unifying…

Jun 9, 2020

IDology and Smile Identity biometrics tapped for financial KYC, onboarding, authentication

Hydrogen has integrated its fintech platform with GBG subsidiary IDology to provide its clients with technology to run KYC checks…

Dec 15, 2019

Biometrics and digital ID across Africa this week: biometric influencers in Tanzania, a ‘techno-political nightmare’ in Nigeria

Biometrics and digital ID are becoming firmly embedded in everyday life in many parts of Africa. 150 social media influencers…

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