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New partnerships for document scanning and KYC expansions show ID verification demand

New partnerships for document scanning and KYC expansions show ID verification demand

Identity verification providers are partnering and signing up new customers to extend the reach of their technologies, including Shufti Pro, IDScan.net, Onfido, Blinking and iDenfy. Smile Identity has rebranded, meanwhile, and PixLab has launched a new API as each attempts to take a greater share of regional markets.

Shufti Pro extends IDScan.net document coverage beyond North America

IDScan.net is expanding its global document coverage through a partnership with Shufti Pro. The deal will give IDScan.net customers access to a library of ID documents from more than 230 countries in 150 languages.

Terry Slattery, the CEO of IDScan.net, said wide use of the company’s VeriScan age verification software in North America gives them “extremely robust authentication capabilities for U.S. and Canadian IDs. But, he said in a company release, “this partnership extends the capabilities of our digital and remote solutions worldwide.

Shufti Pro’s IDV services are powered by machine learning, and include layered KYC, KYB, and AML tools.

Same entity, new name for leading African IDV provider

Smile Identity has rebranded as Smile ID. The new name comes with a new look and a suite of product updates. It reflects a broader approach to digital ID services in the busy African market, for which the company has conducted more than 75 million identity verifications.

In a press release, Mark Straub, the CEO of Smile ID, says the company is committed to meeting the shifting needs of clients. “They need access to global AML and watchlists, they need to verify the IDs of people from around the world doing business in Africa, and they need to be able to support Africans as they travel,” he says.

Product updates include beta versions of new v10 SDKs for Android and iOS; Smile Secure, a fraud detection add-on; and KYC Web Links, “a no-code tool enabling businesses to onboard users by sending a link to a pre-built web flow for capturing selfies, ID numbers, and document images.”

New PixLab document scanner extracts text from binary data

The DOCSCAN API Endpoint is designed for advanced automated KYC and ID verification for documents from countries including Malaysia, Singapore, and India, says a release from PixLab.

The scanner boasts the ability to “transform binary data, such as passport Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), into a stream of textual content in JSON format.” DOCSCAN API Endpoint also features automatic face extraction, in keeping with PixLab’s focus on computer vision.

The U.S.-based firm recently updated the terms of service and privacy policy for its face biometrics brand, FaceIO, to align with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Trifecta of partnerships and customer wins for remote onboarding

London-based KYC marketplace startup Magic has enlisted Onfido to provide automated document and biometric verification. Onfido will deploy its AI-powered Real Identity Platform, which compares a photo of a user’s ID with a selfie for liveness detection, to combat fraud and make KYC processes more efficient and secure.

Thanasis Mandaltsis, the CEO of Magic, previously led strategic initiatives at Onfido. In a release, he called the partnership “a win-win situation” and said it would “equip organisations with the tools to streamline their KYC procedures, reduce attrition, and present offers to compliant users without infringing on data privacy.”

In Serbia, Belgrade-based ID firm Blinking will provide insurance giant Dunav osiguranje with a digital verification system that incorporates AI and optical character recognition (OCR). A company release says the partnership is aimed at automating processes, improving user experience and enabling easier data search in the case of collision incidents.

Finally, fintech company Paystrax has teamed up with Lithuanian identity verification and fraud detection firm, iDenfy, according to a company announcement. Paystrax services the card payment transaction market in Europe and the UK. Working in Regtech, AML, KYC, and KYB compliance, iDenfy says its tools use advanced biometric technology and facial recognition algorithms to allow customers to complete the entire verification process in under two minutes.

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