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The Texas Capture or Use of Biometric Identifier Act (CUBI) requires individuals’ consent before their biometric identifiers can be captured for commercial purposes.


Google bashes Texas biometric law while another state proposes its own

Nothing is getting easier on the legal front for companies in the United States collecting the biometric identifiers. A lawsuit…


Texas sues Google alleging biometric data collected without consent

Google is facing a lawsuit over alleged biometric data privacy violations from the State of Texas, after Attorney general Ken…


Beyond BIPA: Mitigating biometric data legal risks under Texas and Washington biometrics laws

By David J. Oberly and Nicole D. Brenner* Maybe your company is considering using retina scans for employee building access….


BioConnect to update biometric enrollment software for broader regulatory compliance

Canadian biometrics provider BioConnect has revealed its upcoming software updates for two of its products for regulatory compliance with user…


Meta temporarily cuts photo filters to sidestep biometric data privacy lawsuits

Meta executives have shut off some avatars and filters for their Texas and Illinois subscribers. Both states have laws restricting…


Biometrics lawsuits and privacy budgets forecast to balloon as bills, enforcement advance

U.S. states Maryland and Texas are continuing on their paths to stricter regulation of the collection and use of biometric…


Meta: Is there a frequent-defendant discount?

Potentially massive civil penalties are on the line in a new biometric data privacy lawsuit filed against Meta Platforms by…


Biometric privacy suit targets Amazon’s COVID-19 screening

Employee COVID-19 screening measures by Amazon use biometrics without satisfying the legal requirements of Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA),…


Attorneys provide eight tips to ensure compliance with Texas’ biometric privacy law

Texas’ Capture or Use of Biometric Identifier Act (CUBI) is a lesser-known cousin of Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act, but…


Article calls on states to improve understanding to develop biometric privacy legislation

Only one-fifth of U.S. states have actively considered or passed legislation addressing the collection and management of biometric data, and…

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