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DataWorks Plus

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Facial biometrics rules passed for Pittsburgh police use, but may have little practical effect

Police in Pittsburgh must now receive approval from City Council to purchase biometric facial recognition algorithms as well as predictive…


New Zealand police upgrade facial recognition system for real-time CCTV biometric identification

New Zealand police have been discreetly rolling out a biometric facial recognition system that uses real-time CCTV feeds to detect…


Iris ID provides biometric authentication for LA County Sheriff to optimize prison process

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will roll out Iris ID’s biometric recognition technology to implement iris-based authentication during the prisoner…


DataWorks face biometrics police contract extension on hold as Detroit residents protest

Earlier this week, Detroit residents started a caravan of 40 vehicles to protest against Project Green Light, which sees biometric…


Surveillance cameras to reach 1 billion by 2021 as face biometrics for police, schools, retail roll out

There will be one billion surveillance cameras in operation around the world by 2021, up nearly 30 percent from 770…

DataWorks Plus

DataWorks Plus has been providing a wide-range of technology solutions for law enforcement, criminal justice, and government agencies since 2000.


Idemia says NYPD bomb scare suspect ID shows facial recognition best practices

Facial recognition enabled New York Police to quickly identify a man who allegedly placed rice cookers initially suspected of being…


DataWorks Plus launches mobile device for law enforcement with Integrated Biometrics sensor

Law enforcement technology provider DataWorks Plus has developed an all-in-one mobile verification device called the Evolution with Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo…


LA county sheriff’s department invests in new facial recognition technology

A new procurement document reveals that the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department will outfit deputy officers with mobile facial recognition…

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