NuData included in multiple analyst reports from Gartner on fraud detection

Behavioral biometrics firm NuData Security announced their recent inclusion in multiple analyst reports from Gartner Inc. According to a statement…


ClearSale integrates real-time biometric tools into e-commerce fraud solution

Fraud-protection firm ClearSale has developed a new, proprietary biometric toolkit called Mapper to improve the company’s ‘Total Guaranteed Protection’ service….


TeleSign launches continuous behavioral biometrics authentication solution for web and mobile apps‎

TeleSign announced the launch of Behavior ID, a new solution that enables web and mobile applications to measure and analyze…


eBay first to open source a FIDO UAF authentication server

eBay has announced its membership in the FIDO Alliance and introduced its FIDO Certified open source authentication server based on…


NuData picks up Merchant Risk Council award for its innovative technology

Identity verification and fraud detection firm NuData Security has been honored with its fourth industry award since January. The most…


Biometrics most disruptive technology in fintech: report

A new report by Juniper Research titled “Top 10 disruptive technologies in fintech: 2016” discusses technologies that will do the…


BioCatch behavioral biometrics technology protects 33 million banking customers

Behavioral authentication and malware detection firm BioCatch announced that more than 33 million banking customers around the world are protected…


Hoyos Labs finds consumers would use biometrics if offered by merchants

Biometric authentication infrastructure firm Hoyos Labs commissioned an independent survey and found that consumers are concerned about the safety of…


Facial recognition for online stores: Q&A with Hoyos Labs CEO Hector Hoyos

The Dutch online pharmacy Koopjesdrogisterij has become the first online store to use facial recognition or fingerprint authentication for purchases….


Apple files patent for biometrics with online commerce

Apple has filed for a patent with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office covering a two-factor biometric authentication process for…

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