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Biometric Update regularly publishes news about ecommerce. The following set of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news about ecommerce. Additional topics may be explored by accessing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


Digital identity key to digital development, reaching UN goals among small island developing states

A project is targeting digital identity, e-commerce and statistics gathering as a way to promote digital development and economic growth…


Entersekt partners with SA bank on ecommerce security with NuData behavioral biometrics

South Africa’s Capitec Bank has deployed Entersekt‘s mobile identity authentication feature, EMV 3-D Secure, which integrates NuData Security’s behavioral biometrics….


European Central Bank explores payment preferences, including biometrics

The European Central Bank (ECB) has published the findings of the report it commissioned on citizens’ payment habits and their…


Passwords are a pain for everyone — Boomers to Gen Z. Biometrics slow to replace them

Often, research comes along that illuminates a startling insight. This is not one of those times. A pair of research…


Virtual landgrab and digital opiate for the masses – monetizing the metaverse

Nobody seems very excited about the metaverse, but also nobody seems to know what it is. This is not stopping…


Liquid Avatar subsidiary wins metaverse exclusive

Linking one’s real life identity to a virtual world identity is proceeding at pace as Oasis Digital Studios, a wholly…


How the pandemic changed behavioral biometrics in fraud screening

By Rafael Lourenco, Executive Vice President, ClearSale Fraud prevention technology can do some impressive things, like compare customers’ current behavior to…


BioCatch launches behavioral biometrics for PSD2 compliance

BioCatch has reached the implementation stage with its behavioral biometric solution for compliance with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirement of…


Biometrics in retail: Yoti, PayByFace, and Heslo close new partnerships

A number of companies have unveiled updates to their biometric and digital identity authentication platforms for ecommerce applications. Eftpos announced…


Juniper urges behavioral biometrics as ecommerce fraud costs to leap 18 percent to $20B

Ecommerce retailers’ annual losses will reach $20 billion this year, Juniper Research says, an 18 percent jump from $17.5 billion…

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