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University of Calgary Researchers Advance Biometric Security

The University of Calgary’s Biometric Technologies Laboratory has developed a technology that will allow security systems for merging biometric data…


DARPA develops Active Authentication Program to Replace Conventional Biometrics

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the Department of Defense is currently working to develop a new technological…


European Commission to use Biometric Smart Card Licenses from 2013

Changes are being made in the issuance of driving licenses in European Commission (EC) member countries. The EC is paving…


Biometrics Facial, Fingerprint and Iris Recognition Technologies Still Face Challenges

The constant clamor for a centralized and overall better means of international identification has led for advanced technologies in the…


US-VISIT Seeks Multi-Modal Biometrics for Border Security

The Department of Homeland Security US-VISIT program has been using its biometric system since January 2004, in order to secure the…


Biometric Fingerprint Scanning for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The recently approved medical marijuana dispensing in Connecticut is embracing fingerprint scanning for safer and more controlled distribution to patients….


CLEAR Expands DFW Airport with Fingerprint Scanners

Yesterday, reported that CLEAR fast-pass lanes have returned to San Francisco International Airport, and today, CLEAR has expanded its…


Lumidigm providers Biometric Fingerprint Readers to Brazilian ATMs

Biometrics company Luimidigm Inc., in cooperation with Brazilian international bank Itautec, is deploying 12,000 automated banking/teller machines (ATMs) with Lumidigm’s…


NIST recognizes 3M Cogent’s Latent Fingerprint Algorithm Most Accurate

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recognizes 3M Cogent’s latent fingerprint algorithm as achieving the highest accuracy score….


Biometric Palm Prints included in AFIS Upgrades

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will be expanding its Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to also include palm prints and…

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