ATIO partners with OneVault to add voice biometrics

October 14, 2014 - 

South African-IT provider ATIO has partnered with voice biometric authentication specialist OneVault to offer innovative voice biometric solutions as part of its solution offerings to customers.

Authentication is becoming a critical factor for organisations looking into servicing customers remotely and automating services. If done well, authentication systems can make services more convenient and cost-effective to provide.

Traditional knowledge-based authentication (or KBA) which asks questions to confirm identity can keep customers on the telephone for longer. Voice authentication can be used in conjunction with KBA to authenticate customers quicker and, if implemented correctly, more accurately.

“Voice biometrics is becoming a mainstream technology and we are delighted ATIO has seen the value in incorporating it into the solution offering for clients,” OneVault CEO Paul Hutton said in a statement. “The demand here in South Africa is growing exponentially and, as a specialist voice biometric provider, OneVault is able to provide significant insight in this regard.”

Last year, Bytes SI, a South African systems integrator, partnered with OneVault to integrate voice biometric solutions into the authentication and identity management solutions it provides.

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