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New Protocol Enables Wireless And Secure Biometric Acquisition With Web Services


Recently, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST developed a new protocol for communication using biometric sensors. This system can be applied using either wired or wireless networks using the same technology that underpins the Web.
The new protocol has been christened “WS-Biometric Devices” or “WS-BD”. It makes it possible for small and compact devices such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops and even desktop computers to access biometric scanners, which store data such as fingerprints, iris and face scans through Internet services.

The new protocol aims to greatly simplify how biometric systems are set up without necessarily putting security at risk. Basically, the new standard inserts a device independent Web services layer into the architecture to allow interoperability between biometric devices and the systems being used. Essentially, biometric systems no longer have to be dependent on proprietary device specific drivers and cables.

To be more precise, the new protocol makes it practical for companies and agencies to easily swap out defective or broken biometric parts and their accessories. Likewise, biometric systems that are already in place can be easily upgraded piece by piece without necessarily having to make a total over haul. By doing the upgrading in tiers, companies can cut costs without sacrificing the security of their systems.

In a 2010 study entitled “Biometric Recognition: Challenges and Opportunities”, NIST noted that biometric systems must always be proactive not only to maintain its security but also be able to quickly adapt new developments in the industry. This means that several measures should be taken so that a system can be quickly upgraded so that old parts can easily be replaced in order for the security system to maintain its reliability.

NIST researchers understand that maintaining a high level of security means that the technology must always be one step ahead of the times. With WS-BD enabled equipment and protocols in place, companies and agencies can easily upgrade or change their operations with very little difficulty.

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