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Secret Service Wants Fingerprint Specialist on an “As-Needed” Basis


Good news for small businesses: The U.S. Secret Service has announced it is seeking a firm that can supply a single fingerprint expert to augment its fingerprint staff during heavy workloads. For the winning firm, a contract, with a base year and a one-year option, will be awarded.

The call for the specialist published on May 29, notes that in order to qualify, the candidate fingerprint experts need to possess a minimum of 10 years’ experience, certification or qualification by the International Association of Identification as a certified latent print examiner or certification as a fingerprint specialist by the U.S. Secret Service.

He or she will be on an “as-needed” basis and will work at the Secret Service headquarters in Washington, DC. The tasks as specified in the statement of work, includes: “friction ridge” comparisons for fingerprints, palm prints and foot prints; Automated Fingerprint Identification System searches; expert testimony in courtrooms; and mentoring for fingerprint examiners in training.

Track records and technical capability will be given higher weights than price consideration as the former are more important.

The deadline for proposals is set on June 12. For more information, contact Michael Velez, a contract specialist at 202-306-6940 or Michael.velez@usss.dhs.gov.

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