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Biometric Update regularly authors news about palm prints. The following list of links is available to help you find biometrics news regarding palm prints. More tags may be explored by reviewing our complete Biometrics Topics list.


Amazon trains retail systems with synthetic palm biometric database

Amazon has been steadily improving its biometric retail systems, according to a presentation by Vice President of Physical Retail and…


First look: baby biometrics to tackle swaps, kidnaps and missing children

Brazilian firm Natosafe is attempting to tackle baby swapping in maternity units with a mix of biometrics and AI to…


Winning.I showcases fingerprint and palmprint biometric software at Korean IT exhibition

Winning.I displayed its line-up of touchless fingerprint and palmprint biometric software at the World IT Show 2022 held in South Korea….


Experimental scanner collects novel palmprints and vein biometric dataset

Researchers in India have created a unique database of 8,000 hand vein and palmprint images using newly created hardware that…


Winning.I launches beta tests for new contactless biometrics deployment models

Winning.I is expanding the deliver models for its contactless biometric software, with beta testing of on-premise and Google Cloud-based implementations ahead…


WINNING.I is developer of Fintech authentication technology software for mobile contactless biometrics (fingerprint, palmprint) service. WINNING.I(winning + i) stands for…


NRI and Redrock Biometrics integrate PalmID into Sony Life Insurance sales app

Sony Life Insurance employees will now be able to use biometric palm print authentication to log into their mobile sales…


Aware acquires AFIX biometric software and team, extends ABIS product line

Aware has acquired a suite of biometric products known as AFIX from Maxar Technologies to extend the Aware ABIS product family…


PeasyPay’s payment method lets you to pay easily and quickly without the need to take cash, your bank card, or…


OneVault launches Secure Citizen biometric digital identity platform for remote onboarding

OneVault has released Secure Citizen, a multi-factor biometrics-backed digital identity solution in partnership with the South African Fraud Prevention Service…

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