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SMEs Increasingly Using Spy Cameras


Mini cameras or spy cameras are very affordable, making them practical for many scenarios. They are simple, handy and since these devices work independently, they are extremely mobile.

For this reason, small businesses have been using these cameras for remote surveillance. Many of these spy cameras now come standard with high resolution and function as wireless Internet nodes that have their own IP addresses and can easily be connected to a wired or wireless network.

Some spy cameras even have internal data storage that can store record images and video that can be retrieved or used later. There are also motion detection spy cameras that can capture snapshots of intruders. Putting these cameras in places such as parking lots, office entrances and exits, windows, and walkways actually can provide 24-hour surveillance, even when the business owner is on vacation.

There are spy cameras that are meant to be carried by a person and operated manually, as well as wearable items like: neckties, wristwatches, caps; or mini cameras that may be integrated into small hand-held devices like mobile phones or those that do not command attention like pens and lighters.

Movies such as “Enemy of the State” have highlighted the use of mini spy cameras that were placed on ordinary objects such as radios and clocks. However businesses use spy cameras or mini cameras, they must strive to use them responsibly and legally.

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Have you ever used a spy camera? What type did you use?

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