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BluStor details biometric ‘mobile briefcase’

BluStor has announced the upcoming launch of what it says is the world’s first multi-factor, multi-biometric Bluetooth mobile security solution: the BluStor Secure Mobile Briefcase.

“BluStor separates the keys to mobile security from the device and protects the full stream of mobile security—device, user, and data. And, most importantly, BluStor features Bluetooth 4.0/LE, making the system compatible with virtually any mobile device and eliminating the need for proprietary card readers,” CEO Finis Conner said.

Using the SMB app, a user can protect mobile devices or designate a ‘secure’ area on the device. To access the SMB, users need to provide biometric data, which is compared with files stored on the BluStor card. If there’s no match, the SMB remains locked.

According to the company, the BluStor SMB app comes with password vault, file encryption, and more. And with 8GB of secure storage, the BluStor card has sufficient capacity for multiple biometric files and other data, such as email, work files, medical records, photos, and music for example. BluStor Secure Mobile Briefcase prototypes will be available for preview and testing in spring 2014; the solution will ship in fall 2014.

BiometricUpdate.com recently had a chance to talk shop with CEO Finis Conner about how BluStor came to be, his ambitions as chief executive as well as what the future holds for his company.

Last year, in a Biometrics Research Note, Rawlson King forecasted that the market for electronic identity cards – for which smart cards are often used – will reach US$5.2 billion by 2015.

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