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Go-Trust demonstrates FIDO-based microSD chip


Go-Trust demonstrated its FIDO microSD device at the 2014 International Consumers Electronics Show (CES) this week.  The device allows users to deliver hardware security for mobile devices using the SD and microSD form factor.

microSD works with 99 percent of existing laptops and personal computers, and the one billion Android devices in the marketplace today. FIDO microSD supports FIDO login and includes 8GB memory capacity for user storage.

“For the hundreds of millions of users and systems integrators who want to adapt existing devices to become FIDO Ready, there is FIDO microSD,” said Darren Lee, CEO of GO-Trust. “GO-Trust makes it simple, fast and affordable for developers and providers of personal computers, mobile devices and phones already in the marketplace to be enabled with universal strong authentication that can replace password authentication with easier to use, more secure and private authentication.”

FIDO microSD provides portability from device to device and one FIDO microSD can enable many devices and work for all sites that require or accommodate FIDO authentication.

According to the company, the new device will be available soon.

Reported previously, the FIDO Alliance has seen many new members in the last year. Recently, Discover Financial Services joined the Alliance and as well, Microsoft announced its membership.  

FIDO also recently surpassed the 50-member mark in its first eight months as an official organization.

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