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Nuance and TRUSTID to provide voice biometric solution to contact centers


Nuance Communications announced that it has partnered with contact center authentication technology firm TRUSTID to provide an effective customer authentication and anti-fraud solution for contact centers.

Nuance’s speech recognition solution uses voice biometric technology to create a voiceprint based on a person’s unique vocal characteristics.

The software is used by many contact centers to verify a customer’s identity via a conversation with a contact center agent, providing a more effective alternative to asking customers cumbersome and time-consuming security questions.

TRUSTID’s solution uses proprietary real-time telephone network forensics technology to determine the trustworthiness of a phone call, distinguishing legitimate calls from those calls that are otherwise spoofed or hacked.

When either Nuance or TRUSTID systems are used individually, they provide a great deal of security and convenience by reducing cases of fraud and the overall time that customers and agents spend on each call. But when the two solutions are used in combination, contact centers are able to see a greater reduction in average call time, a significant boost in security and anti-fraud measures, and a drastic decrease in overall operating costs.

Through the partnership, the companies will both market and provide their combined solutions to financial and telecommunication contact centers.

“Like Nuance, TRUSTID is focused on using innovative and unique technology to solve big problems,” said Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager for the enterprise division of Nuance. “ Fraud is a consistent challenge for contact centers, one that has persisted for decades because countermeasures have largely relied on what the contact center knows about you. Our partnership with TRUSTID allows Nuance to provide an end-to-end solution for authentication and fraud detection – from the point a call is placed through to when the person speaks to the contact center agent.”

This announcement comes on the heels of a recent report that cited a source saying that Nuance Communications had spoken with Samsung and other private-equity firms about a possible sale of the company.

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