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Fingerprint readers from Crossmatch help Montparnasse Pasteleria eliminate employee fraud


Montparnasse Pasteleria, an upscale retail bakery chain in Central Mexico is using U.are.U fingerprint readers from biometric identity management solutions provider Crossmatch to eliminate payroll issues caused by employees clocking in for each other.

Montparnasse had previously relied on paper timecards and a mechanical time clock to track time and attendance of its 400 employees across its production factory and 15 bakery locations. Management said this allowed employees to fraudulently clock in for each other.

To eliminate this problem, Montparnasse implemented Crossmatch’s biometrics-based solution in June 2014. Montparnasse employees now clock in and out of their shifts by placing their finger on the fingerprint reader. This has effectively made it impossible for employees to clock in for each other, and ensures that employees are paid for the hours they actually work.

Earlier this month, Cross Match Technologies and DigitalPersona, which merged in April, were brought together under the new “Crossmatch” name and identity.

“The Crossmatch biometrics solution was just what our organization needed to improve employee accountability,” Montparnasse Pasteleria systems director Ricardo M. Torres Menchaca said in a statement. “We now know within seconds which employees are in each bakery and who is missing.”

Based on the success of the current implementation, Montparnasse is considering implementing biometrics for access to cash registers at its retail locations.

Using biometrics to track employee hours have become increasingly popular. Recently, Turkish supermarket chain Carrefour decided to roll out 500 fingerprint recognition terminals from Suprema to track employee attendance and food manufacturer UGO Foods has installed Bodet’s biometric workforce management system including palm scanning.

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