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Bodet provides food manufacturer with biometric time and attendance system


Bodet Ltd. announced it has provided and installed a biometric workforce management system, which includes three palm scanners, for food manufacturer UGO Foods.

The palm scanners are linked directly to the Kelio Integral time and attendance software on the main server, which automatically manages the data both for payroll and management reporting.

UGO Foods employs over 100 production staff and operates a broad range of shifts as the company operates around the clock to supply retailers like Waitrose and John Lewis Food Halls.

Previously, UGO Foods staff used a card swipe to clock in and out, but they would often lose or forget their cards, not to mention that the cards could be used by any third party.

The company decided on implementing Bodet’s biometric workforce management system because its scanners are easy to use and it is able to record reliable time and attendance information.

“The staff took to the new system quickly as it was very easy for them to use,” said Samantha Hatton, HR manager of UGO Foods. “They simply place their hands on the scanner as they arrive or leave and the scanner captures the handprint which is compared against a stored profile to identify them.”

“It only takes a couple of seconds and there’s no scrabbling in handbags or pockets searching for swipe cards. It’s also foolproof and so prevents abuse such as buddy clocking.”

But perhaps the largest benefit was seen in the payroll department. The attendance data collected from the hand scanners is integrated with the calendar, automatically registering each employee to the correct shift and hourly rate. The software then compiles an end of month report which can be used directly for payroll.

Additionally, the software also creates customized management reports so that current and historic attendance information can be quickly accessed.

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