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Hoyos Labs introduces app that allows users to access websites using biometrics

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Hoyos Labs announced it has launched 1U, a new app that uses an advanced “liveness” detection system to identify the smartphone owner by an image or video and therefore granting them access to non-standard sites that require private information in addition to usernames and passwords.

The app — available now for iPhone devices and available for Android devices on December 10 — supports a wide range of biometrics including facial, periocular, fingerprint and iris.

As a result, the app only recognizes and authenticates the registered 1U user’s identity and logs him or her into the sites.

“Your information always remains with you, and hackers are highly unlikely to ever be able to touch it as a result, because they would literally have to steal your phone to attempt to hack it,” said Hoyos Labs. “In the near future, as corporations implement the Hoyos Labs technology into their back-end systems, this will lead to a complete elimination of usernames and passwords.”

To set up the app, users are prompted to register their personal biometric data using their smartphones, linking the information to their PCs, laptops and tablets to allow for easy access to a more than 15,000 different baking, e-commerce and social networking websites.

1U users can load a browser on computers automatically and log into sites without ever having to touch the computer once they have been authenticated on the mobile device.

The 1U app also allows users to share their websites with fellow 1U users without ever having to enter their credentials, as well as authenticate their identities to more than one device if they wish.

In the event that consumers lose their phone or get a new phone, they can simply reinstall 1U and the software will prompt them to authenticate with biometrics.

Once their identity is verified, 1U will automatically reconfigure and restore all of the original data, as long as the user selected the option of saving his or her data, encrypted by biometrics, to the personal drop box.

Under 1U’s 30-day trial period, consumers can download 1U for free for access to unlimited websites on unlimited mobile devices and computers for 30 days.

After the trial period, consumers can purchase a one-year license for $49.99 or a monthly license for $9.99, both of which allow users to access unlimited websites on unlimited mobile devices and computers.

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