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Infineon Technologies security products support new FIDO 1.0 specifications

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Infineon Technologies announced that its hardware-based security practices support the recently released FIDO 1.0 specifications.

FIDO defines an open standard for implementation of multi-factor authentication of computing devices that access web-based services, private networks and cloud applications.

FIDO authenticators enable internet users to more securely access their online accounts using a two-factor process which combines their existing password with a USB key, or a local security token without any passwords.

As a founding member of the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, Infineon continues to contribute to developing new specifications.

Infineon provides security chips and FIDO ready authenticator reference designs for secured devices, including a Google Security Key compatible USB token and the Infineon OPTIGATM TPM (trusted platform module) solution.

The company’s reference designs help to deliver solutions to market that allow enterprises and individuals to simplify the often complex and tedious process of password-based authentication, as well as boosting protection against unauthorized access.

“The FIDO Alliance specifications define an authentication method that is more secure and provides a better user experience than passwords alone,” said Joerg Borchert, VP of the chip card and security division at Infineon Technologies North America. “It is a remarkable achievement that the vision shared between Infineon and other founding members is now available as an open standard, supported by a broad and growing ecosystem of industry leaders that recognize the value of making strong, secure user authentication available to any user, using any connected device.”

Infineon currently offers two reference designs to enable fast and simple implementation of the FIDO standard for authentication tokens, along with implementation experience with customer specific design for multiple authenticator form factors.

Infineon has passed FIDO Ready testing on three major designs, including the reference design for its USB Token U2F (universal second factor) authenticator based on the SLE 78 security controller, the reference design for TPM form factor UAF (universal authentication framework) authenticator reference based on the SLB 9660 security controller, and the custom solution for µSD form factor UAF authenticator based on the SLE 97144 security controller.

Previously reported, Google Chrome became the first web browser to implement support for FIDO Alliance authentication standards.

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